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How to Play Craps

Many players consider that craps is the highest-energy game that is equally enthralling when playing it at a land-based casino establishment and online. Most of the time, the craps tables are bursting at the seams with cheerful people who hope that the next toss of the dice will bring them the desired prices. Although craps is an entirely chance-based game, if you want to make sure that you will play it correctly, you need to gain good knowledge about its rules, the different bet types, the pace of the game, and the proper way in which you should behave while playing at a land-based casino.

So if you are looking to experience the thrill when throwing the dice, but you feel intimidated by the abundance of bet types or the fast pace at which the game is played, reading our guide can help you become a well-grounded craps player.

Craps Basics

Craps BasicsAs it seems, what craps is mainly known for is the huge profusion of betting opportunities it allows opting for. Yet, even if you are a total greenhorn at playing craps, you should not fall prey to the misconception that this game is suitable solely for gambling enthusiasts with extensive experience under their belts.

Yet, before you start playing online or at a brick-and-mortar casino, it would be best to know the premise of the game inside out.

The Craps Table

The Craps TableOne of the first things players need to do before they dive into their craps betting adventures is to survey the table and the different fields the betting layout contains. To begin with, craps is a dice game that is played using an oblong table that can be 8, 10, or 12 feet long. Naturally, the latter is the most common type players can run into, and casinos utilize such so that they could accommodate the maximum number of players. Such tables can host up to 16 players because a total of 8 players can sit at each of the side sections.

One essential component of the craps table is the bed. Most of the time, craps tables go along with a rail or paddled railing that is positioned along the table bed. Its function is pretty straightforward as players can simply use it to lean on it when they have already spent a considerable amount of time at the craps table. In addition to this, every player has a rack where they can place their chips. Craps tables are also equipped with a drink rail where players can leave their drinks in order to make sure that they will not dirty the table.

Needless to say, the most essential component from the craps table remains the betting layout as it shows the available wager types. By closer inspection, gambling aficionados will notice that the betting layout is made up of two completely identical side sections and one central section. Although players who are standing on both sides of the craps table will be allowed to lay their wagers on the middle section, they will only be permitted to make their bets within the side section that is right in front of them, and not the one that is positioned in the opposite side of the table.

In fact, the game of craps is much more nuanced than most casino enthusiasts might think as the table layout can further be divided into a self-service and dealer’s area. As you might expect from their names, the wagers that are available within the self-service area are handled without the assistance of the dealer, while the ones that are featured within the dealer’s area are not single-handed and are entirely managed by the dealers.

The Dice

The DiceIn order to get familiar with the bare bones of the game, casino enthusiasts should know that whether they win or lose while playing craps will be determined by the combination that is rolled out after the dice are tossed. If they want to make sure that they will get into the gameplay, players should gain knowledge of the math behind it.

One of the most important things payers should bear in mind is that since craps uses as a base two six-sided dice, this means players can see one out of all 36 combinations whenever the dice are tossed. Another important thing to take into account is that the possible total values cannot exceed 12 and cannot be lower than 2.

Naturally, some dice totals, like a 7, for example, are more likely to appear than others. When this value is concerned, there are six dice combinations that result in it. This is not the case with a 2 or 12 as there is just one way in which these values can be rolled out.

Placing Bets

Placing BetsAs we mentioned above, the betting layout of the craps table is made up of two areas, the self-service, and the dealer’s area. Depending on the bet type casino enthusiasts wish to go for, the way in which they need to to act will be different. Opting for any of the wagers within the self-service area that include Pass, Don’t Pass, Come, Don’t Come, and Field bets does not require the intervention of the dealer as instead, players will be permitted to move their chips in the box that matches the preferred bet type without any assistance from the dealers.

Yet, this does not apply to the wager types that are available within the dealer’s area or the central section of the betting layout. So as to opt for any of these wagers, players need to prepare their chips and request the preferred bet. Then, the dealer will take the chips and will move it to the respective box. Players will be prevented from putting down or collecting their wagers if the preferred bet type is featured within the area of the dealer.

Basic Rules of Play

Basic Rules of PlayBefore you get down to playing craps, it might be best to know that when you approach the table, you should wait until the current roller has tossed the dice before you opt for turning your cash into chips. Furthermore, craps novices should not get surprised when the stickman gives them five dice. What they will be required to do is to pick only two of them and wait until the stickman removes the remaining three dice.

The person who is permitted to throw the dice in this round is called a shooter, and the other players can bet with or against the shooter. The role of the shooter will be assigned to the next player once the point number was rolled out or the come-out roll is over. If any of these happens, the shooter for the current game will need to pass the dice to the next player in a clockwise fashion.

The Come-out Roll

The Come-out RollPrior to opting for the very first toss of the dice or the come-out roll, the shooter will be prompted to make a Pass Line or Don’t Pass bet. If a 7 or 11 is thrown out, you win, and a chip with a value equal to your bet will be placed next to your original chip. By default, it is assumed that you want to bet again. If so, collect your winnings and leave your original chip on the Pass Line for the next round. This is what most players prefer to do, so do not get overly surprised if you notice that some of the fellow players stick to that course of action too.

If you roll a 2, 3, or 12, you will lose your bet, and it will be collected by the dealer. Remember that rolling any of these values during the come-out roll is known as craps. So if you want to continue playing, you will be required to position another of your chips on the betting layout.

If the shooter hits a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10, then the rolled number becomes the point. A white puck will be placed on that number on the betting layout so as to make sure that no one forgets it, and the second stage of the game will begin. You have not lost your bet in this phase, but you have not won either as now, you should wait and see how the game will pan out.

Perhaps, now casino enthusiasts wonder how do they win after a point number is established. If you shoot the dice and throw the point before throwing a 7, your wager will be a winning one, provided that you have opted for a Pass Line bet. Thus, if we assume that you have tossed a 6 during the come-out roll, this will mean that the only numbers that will matter for that game are 7 and 6. Now, players can toss the dice as many times as necessary for any of these combinations to show up. Note that if you toss any of the other numbers, except the above-mentioned, the game will continue. If a 6 is rolled out first, players will be paid out, and the round ends. The game will be reset right away, and there will be a new come-out roll.

Therefore, once a point number is established, players will lose, given that a 7 is rolled out prior to the point number, or in our case, a 6. If this happens, the game will end, and they can wait for a new round to start over.

Of course, this is a rather simplified explanation of what playing craps is. What gambling enthusiasts might have noticed is that we did not pay attention to the available betting opportunities. Something vital they should take into account is that while playing craps, they will be allowed to make their stakes prior to the establishment of the point and between the rolls. Another distinctive trait of this casino game is that players are permitted to bet with the house or in other words, to lay their bets against the other players.

Multi-roll Bets

Multi-roll BetsMulti-roll bets are a type of craps wagers that might take several rolls of the dice before you could figure out if your stake wins or loses. These include the Pass Line, Come, Don’t Pass, Don’t Come, Free Odds, Place bets, Buy bets, and Hardways. Players find such wagers far more intriguing, but they should take into account the fact that such wager types require better expertise and above all, attentiveness.

Another thing craps novices should be aware of is that while some multi-roll bets can be placed at any point, others will be active only during the next come-out roll.

One-roll Bets

One-roll BetsThe outcome of one-roll bets, on the other hand, will be resolved within the next shot of the dice. Typically, winning one-roll bets award a payout of 30:1, but this is worth checking out in advance. Proposition bets are a typical example of single-roll bets. Such stakes are also referred to as service wagers due to the fact that gambling enthusiasts will be prompted to place their chips in the middle of the craps table and then, the rest of the work will be done by the stickman.

Playing Online and Live Craps

Playing Online and Live CrapsIn spite of the fact that nothing beats the fun of playing craps at a land-based casino, switching to an interactive casino is not an idea players should cross out too hastily. One of the greatest benefits you will enjoy if you play craps online is that you will be able to save more of your money. If you are a total novice at gambling, you might not be aware that while playing craps at brick-and-mortar casinos, you will be required to tip the dealer, and in most cases, the tip is included in the wagers you make.

Needless to say, while playing craps online, the need to tip the dealer is eliminated. What is even better is that in most cases, players will be awarded bonus cash when they create an account or when they load it with cash, which can be used to extend their craps betting session.

If you are not that much into the community spirit or you do not like big crowds, you might like online craps more as the whole process is completely automated. Placing bets is made exceptionally straightforward as casino enthusiasts simply need to pick the preferred chip denomination and click on the field from the betting layout that matches the bet type they want to make.

While wagering on craps at a land-based casino, players, especially the inexperienced ones, can get easily overwhelmed by the extensive range of betting opportunities. Not to mention that on some occasions, you might feel hard-pressed to lay your next wager, which can render you more inclined to make a mistake. Furthermore, craps novices can get confused about the wagers they can handle on their own and the ones that are managed by the dealer, which can turn out to be frustrating for them.

The craps table etiquette is yet another thing that makes some players feel intimidated when they first become interested in that game. Since no other players are involved in the game while betting online, there is not a specific way you need to behave in while making your wagers. You will be the one to determine the speed of the game, and you will have the freedom to opt for the bet types you prefer, even if this involves wagering the wrong way. While playing online, you cannot offend anyone or break the table etiquette.

Many players are adamant that playing craps online is a better alternative, no matter if you are a total novice or an experienced player. The reason why old hands might have a much more enjoyable time while playing online is that they will be allowed to play as fast as they would like. The same applies to total novices as they will be given enough time to consider their next move or to put their strategy through its paces without being worried that they delay the game.

Yet, one of the biggest advantages of playing craps at a land-based casino remains the buzz and the excitement the craps table radiates, but if this is not your piece of cake, then playing online is the way to go.

Basic Craps Strategy

Basic Craps StrategyOne of the best things gambling aficionados can do in order to extend their craps playtime is to stick to wagers that come with a lower house edge. Although this might seem like a rather obvious piece of advice, going for Pass Line, Don’t Pass, Come, or Don’t Come bets can turn out to be a successful line of action.

What is more, casino enthusiasts are given the chance to further reduce the advantage the house enjoys by laying the odds. Speaking about bets, proposition bets are the ones that should be avoided. If we need to measure how good different craps stakes are, we can do so by taking into account the advantage the house has. The edge of the house will be the greatest when you opt exactly for these wager types, so if you want to make sure that your bankroll will last longer, it will be best to steer clear of them.

Tips for Playing Craps

Tips for Playing CrapsIn spite of the fact that you should not necessarily be an expert in order to play craps, there are certain things casino enthusiasts should make head or tail of before they get down to placing their stakes.

First off, learning the nuts and bolts of the game is a must, no matter if you prefer to play online or at a land-based casino. In the case of craps, the complexity of the game is increased by the huge variety of betting options players can opt for. For that reason, before you dive headfirst in playing craps, it will be a good idea to read up on the rules and the betting opportunities.

No matter what your gaming budget is, you should always make sure that you will remain disciplined. One of the best things players can do is to set out a plan before they get down to betting. It is advised to make up your mind about the maximum you can afford to lose, and once you hit that mark, you should simply end your betting session. The same applies to the amount you want to win.

Another thing players should avoid doing is making use of betting systems that involve increasing or decreasing their sakes depending on the outcomes of the previous shots of the dice. The reason why you should give such betting systems a miss is that they can easily eat up your bankroll.

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