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What is Sign Up Casino Bonus

Presently, the online gambling market develops exceptionally rapidly, and new web-based casinos launch their operations almost every day. The rivalry between casino operators is so intense that they struggle to convince players to stop by their gaming site and potentially, to sign up for an account. As it seems, bonuses and promotional incentives remain one of the most useful tools casino operators have up in their sleeves.

To ensure that they will outperform their opponents and that they will manage to grasp the attention of gambling enthusiasts who are yet to decide where to play, casino operators introduce sign-up bonuses that can sometimes take players aback with their lavishness. Yet, if you are a newbie at online gambling, learning what sign-up bonuses are and how do they work is an essential requirement.

What is a Welcome Bonus

What is a Welcome BonusWhile inspecting the web-based casinos, it might hit you that every gaming website has its unique way of rewarding its customers. What casino enthusiasts might be up against most of the time is a mixed bag of promotional deals that will be awarded to players depending on their status or, in other words, whether they are recruits or returning customers of the interactive casino.

In most cases, the special deals newcomers are permitted to get ahold of are the most impressive ones as their primary purpose is to lure some fresh blood in. With most virtual casinos, the welcome bonus is the one that is splattered all over the gaming website, thus making it impossible for recruits to miss it out. The bulk of the online casinos have introduced tokens of appreciation for their new users on their own, thus providing an immense profusion of options to pick and choose from. Sometimes, players might be offered a no-deposit bonus, a deposit match, or free spins, while on some occasions, they might be presented with a combination of free spins and a deposit match, which is the most common type of sign-up deals available out there.

What are Non-match Bonuses

Non-match BonusesWhile being on the lookout for a virtual casino where you can start your gambling adventures, you may come across gaming websites that have introduced the so-called no-match bonuses.

What is specific about such bonuses is that instead of providing a reward that is based on the amount players have uploaded to their accounts, they give a fixed amount. While some casino operators offer players free cash, others prefer to bestow upon players a specific number of free spins as soon as they create their gaming accounts. What casino enthusiasts should be mindful of is that most of the time, once they redeem such a promotional deal, they will only be permitted to cash out the winnings they have snatched, and not the bonus funds.

Furthermore, it is worth checking out the availability of the bonus funds or free spins as sometimes, players may only be allowed to consume them on a specific game.

What Are No Deposit Bonuses

No Deposit BonusesNo deposit bonuses also rank among the incentives that are extended to players when they first join the community of virtual casinos and sometimes, even along the line. As you might expect from their name, no deposit bonuses will be obtained without funneling any funds to the balance of your gaming wallet. Yet, on some occasions, gambling aficionados might be prompted to input a coupon code in order to qualify for such incentives, but once again, this depends on the casino they have chosen to play at.

What Are Free Spins

Free SpinsFree spins are one more special incentive virtual players are hugely intrigued by. Sometimes, players might be offered a bunch of bonus spins as they first enter the virtual doors of the casino, but such promotional deals might be gettable also by returning users of some web-based casinos.

What casino novices should not forget to inquire into prior to redeeming such a promotional offer are the upper limits that are imposed on the individual bets and the amount of the winnings they can walk away with. Bear in mind that more often than not, free spins can be consumed on a specific game or on a limited range of titles.

Another essential thing to keep in mind is that gambling aficionados will have a limited time during which they are required to use up their free spins.

Most Common Type of Sign Up Bonuses

Most Common Type of Sign Up BonusesThe sign-up deal can move the needle for recruits of web-based casinos, especially if it offers a good value. As it seems, the most common structure of the sign-up deals is the one that pairs a match bonus together with a specific number of bonus spins. In terms of the match bonuses, most of the time, they are determined by the amount of players’ first successful deposits, and depending on the casino, the awarded credits can be equal to the uploaded amount or players might be given back a percentage of that same amount.

The reason why such special deals continue to turn heads is that sometimes, virtual players might be offered a welcome package, which is made up of several deposit matches that are thrown together. On most occasions, casino recruits will be presented with three match bonuses for their first three transactions to the casino, but there are also casinos where up to five special incentives might await newcomers.

Thus, if newly-arrived players are offered a 100% match bonus, and they decide to transfer $50 to their bankroll, they will have another $50 lavished upon them. Yet, players should not forget that match bonuses are commonly capped, which is the reason why players are advised to keep their eyes wide open for the special incentives that are worthwhile.

In spite of the fact that the bulk of the casino operators tend to introduce 100% first-deposit bonuses, players can also stumble upon deposit matches that can reach up to 500%.

What casino novices should bear in mind about sign-up bonuses is that sometimes, they might not be permitted to redeem them if they have employed a specific banking solution. For that reason, prior to opting for a special deal, it will be best to put its terms and conditions under the microscope.

Cashable and Non-cashable Welcome Bonuses

Cashable and Non-cashable Welcome BonusesIt is also important for casino newbies to know that welcome bonuses and bonuses, in general, can be cashable and non-cashable. No matter if you are about to claim a first-player bonus or another promotional deal, it is of crucial importance to check out the category to which the special incentive belongs.

When non-cashable bonuses are concerned, they are also popular among players as sticky bonuses. What is specific about them is that casino enthusiasts will only be enabled to consume the bonus money on a specific range of games, and they will not be permitted to lay their hands on the bonus funds, but only on the winnings they have accrued.

This does not apply to cashable bonuses, however, as once players have covered all requirements the promotion comes with, they will be given the freedom to retrieve the profit they have generated, together with the awarded bonus. Players are advised to pay special attention to the rollover requirements of the bonus and its expiration time in order to make sure that they will be able to comply with all these requirements.

Additionally, when they take notice of these details, they will be able to determine if the sign-up deal is worthwhile. In most cases, the turnover requirements might range between 10x and 30x, but there are casino operators that will ask their recruits to cope with 70x turnover requirements before they could cash out their winnings. Players should always look for the fine print because this is where the truth lies.

Do Terms and Conditions Matter to Sign Up Bonuses

Terms and ConditionsGambling enthusiasts who are making their first steps in playing casino games need to know that the turnover requirements promotional incentives go tied with will have a considerable effect on the value the bonus provides. That is the reason why before you settle for a special deal, be it a sign-up deal or any other promotional incentive, it is best to inspect the fine print.

The details that will give players an idea if the bonus is worth their time include the bonus limits, the contribution of the different games towards the completion of the turnover requirements, the time limits, the limits on the individual bets, and the playthrough requirements.

Players should always take all these things into account in order to figure out if they can comply with the specific requirements. If they fail to fulfill the rollover requirements within the period that is specified in the terms and conditions, they will have their bonus funds and the generated winnings confiscated.

Before they take up with the completion of the turnover requirements, players should also make sure that they have checked out if there are any games that are excluded from bonus staking as sometimes, betting on them can also lead to the confiscation of their winnings. Most of the time, the game contribution is not the same too, which means that a stake of $5 on slots and roulette, for example, will not have an equal weight towards the fulfillment of the playthrough requirements.


conclusionSomething players who are looking for an advantageous sign-up bonus should keep on repeating themselves is that the better an offer sounds, the more scrutiny it deserves. If something seems too good to be true, then it probably is. Read all terms and conditions carefully before you agree to anything as this is the only way to save yourself any hassle that might occur if you redeem a bonus headfirst.

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