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BOKU Casinos

BOKU is an interesting and unorthodox payment method in the online casino scene. Giving you the opportunity to make transactions directly with your phone, BOKU has garnered some interest from players. Currently, the service sees moderate levels of support from the industry and there are plenty of online casinos that accept BOKU transactions. Below, we will go over everything that has to deal with BOKU and see how it works when gambling online.

How to Use BOKU at Online Casinos

How to Use BOKUAs far as online payment methods are concerned, few are as accessible and easy to use as BOKU is. This service dates back to 2003 and is one of the most popular mobile payment solutions out there. Unlike most other services that require you to maintain a bankroll, BOKU allows you to make purchases online and puts them on your phone bill. It works with hundreds of carriers all over Europe and is available to UK users, as well.

Making a payment with BOKU is as simple as can be. You enter the sum you wish to deposit to your casino balance and your phone number. After a few seconds, you will receive a text message on your phone, asking you to confirm the payment. You send a message with the confirmation and the money is then transferred to your casino bankroll. That’s all there is to it.

At the end of your billing cycle, any BOKU payments you made will be added to your phone bill. How you go about paying that is up to you.

For the most part, BOKU is effortless to use and you do not have to do anything special. Granted, your carrier needs to be part of the BOKU network for you to have access to the service. However, BOKU is widely available and odds are that you will have it as an option. Simple as this service is, there is more to it than meets the eye. Read on, to find out other key information about BOKU.

Taxes and Fees When Using BOKU at Online Casinos

Taxes and FeesAs far as the cost of the service is concerned, you will be happy to learn that BOKU will bring you any fees. The service is completely free to use and at no point will you be asked to pay more than what says on the phone bill.

Granted, there is more to this. While the service itself is free, online casinos often impose some form of fee on BOKU transfers. We can only speculate why they do this, but it is common for certain gambling websites to charge between 2% and 10% on BOKU deposits. There is no way to get around this specific fee unless you want to switch to a different payment service.

Alternatively, if you do not wish to pay the commission fees for using BOKU, you could look specifically for an online casino that does not charge them. However, considering the deposit limits of BOKU, 2% of £30 is £0.60, which is nothing too steep.

Deposit and Withdrawal Timeframes When Using BOKU at Online Casinos

Deposit and Withdrawal TimeframesMaking deposits with BOKU is both quick and convenient. The service is mostly straightforward and as soon as you become familiar with it, you will have no issues in making payments in the future. If you choose to use BOKU to make a deposit at your online casino of choice, then you will get the benefit of instant deposits. The money will appear in your balance as soon as you confirm the transfer. There is no wait time as with other more traditional banking methods and you can start placing your bets right away.

As far as withdrawals are concerned, this is not something that BOKU offers. This payment method was designed to be used to make small purchases on the Internet. For instance, if you wanted to get a paid app from the App Store, then BOKU was there to make the process simple and quick. With this in mind, the service does not handle withdrawals in any capacity. That it is supported by gambling websites, at all, is more of an anomaly than anything else.

If you made your deposit via BOKU and the time comes to cash out your balance, the casino will usually send you your money via Bank Transfer. While not completely convenient, Bank Transfers are more than good enough to accomplish this. However, if you want a banking solution that is capable of both deposits and withdrawals, BOKU is not the right one for you.

Advantages of BOKU for Gambling Transactions

advantagesThe main advantages of BOKU are realized in how convenient the service is. You simply enter the amount you wish to deposit, confirm the payment and are set to go. It is a two-step process from start to end and few other services can boast the same.

What’s more, BOKU does not require any type of registration or account maintenance. If your carrier supports BOKU it is available from the get-go. Only credit cards come close to this level of convenience and even then, you put yourself at risk every time you enter your card details. BOKU manages to avoid all of that.

Something that we find quite compelling is that BOKU is more secure than many other payment methods. Since you are never asked to enter any sensitive information, you do not run the risk of having that information exposed. Additionally, you cannot make accidental payments with BOKU. Every transaction has to be manually approved by you with a text message, which makes the service even safer.

Disadvantages of BOKU for Gambling Transactions

disadvantagesWhat we have to remember is that no matter how good a service may seem, there are downsides that we also have to deal with. BOKU is no exception in this case and the drawbacks are quite significant.

For starters, the ridiculously low spending limits on the service will not appeal to mid- and high-rollers. With BOKU, you can only transact up to £30 every 24 hours. Considering how some people wager that in a single spin, the service becomes less than ideal for most players.

Moreover, the lack of a withdrawal function only adds to the issues. Of course, you can withdraw your money via other means. However, these could be slow and inconvenient. Bank Transfers can take several business days to process, in some scenarios. By comparison, eWallets can process withdrawals within the hour.

Last but not least, BOKU may not be accepted at all online casinos. As we mentioned before, this payment method was not designed with casino gaming in mind. As a result, not all gambling websites support it. While there are plenty out there that do, there are just as much if not more that do not. This is something to bear in mind if you choose to go with BOKU.

Mobile Casino Banking with BOKU

Mobile Casino BankingIf you are playing primarily from a mobile device, then BOKU will be right up your alley. Given how this payment method is designed solely for mobile transactions, we believe that it caters nicely to the mobile gambling demographic. You will never have to put down your smartphone when using BOKU. The worst is that you will have to change the app to send the confirmation text message.

There are only a few mobile-only payment methods available out there and BOKU is one of them. It is designed specifically for mobile users and it offers uninterrupted sessions if you choose to play on the go. What’s more, you can get it directly from your plan with no extra steps, as long as your carrier is eligible for the service. With this in mind, we can safely say that BOKU is great for mobile gamblers and an option to consider when looking at the various banking solutions.

Is It Secure to Use BOKU at Online Casinos

Is It SecureIf you are concerned about security when using BOKU, allow us to dissuade those fears. This payment method is as secure as they get. BOKU does not require you to enter any sensitive information at any point during the experience. If you did not put in any important data, then you also do not run the risk of it getting leaked. In this sense, BOKU is more secure than credit cards, eWallets or online banking. Everything is handled by the carriers and you can enjoy the benefits of this system.

Additionally, the confirmation feature of BOKU requires to approve every transaction that you send. Since the payment can only go through after you text back, there is no chance for foul play to happen.

In short, BOKU is secure in both its infrastructure and in the practical sense. Unless you give your phone to someone else, there is no way that you can be cheated using BOKU.

faq FAQ about BOKU

How common is BOKU accepted at online casinos?

BOKU is frequently supported by online casinos in the United Kingdom. While it is not as widespread as eWallets and credit cards, there are plenty of options at your disposal if you wish to use BOKU. Finding the right casino is a process and it may involve looking at a bunch of them before you decide on the perfect one.

Can BOKU payments be reversed?

Like most prepaid services out there, BOKU payments are complete as soon as they go through. There is no option to get your money back if you made the wrong payment. Therefore, it is important you check everything before you make a purchase.

Does BOKU have customer support?

On the BOKU website, you will find a detailed FAQ section which covers most topics related to the service. Alternatively, you can also turn to your carrier for help. They will have no issue in explaining something to you or lending a hand when needed.

Do I have to opt-in for BOKU?

BOKU will be available to you as soon as you sign on with your carrier. You can use the service as-is and nothing special is required of you. There is no lengthy registration process that you have to go through or any additional steps to take.

Can I exceed the £30 transaction limit?

The transaction limits are not up for discussion. The limits as they are and there is nothing you can do to change them. Granted, they are quite strict and if they do not appeal to you, then we recommend that you take a look at the other payment solutions supported by the iGaming scene.

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