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VISA Card Casinos

Visa cards are one of the most popular banking methods in the iGaming scene. There is much you can do with a Visa card and little that you cannot. This method is available in virtually every corner of the world, and the vast majority of online merchants will accept Visa cards. This makes this credit card brand a perfect option to make transactions to your casino balance, and this includes both deposits and withdrawals. Below, we will go over everything important about using Visa cards for online gambling and what you need to take into account before you start playing.

Visa Card Summary
Country AvailabilityAvailable: USA, Canada, Australia, Mainland China, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, Indonesia, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, France, Ireland, Spain, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Romania, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, Kenya, Rwanda, Belarus, Georgia, Lebanon, Russia, South Africa, UAE, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Puerto Rico
Deposit From Bank AccountN/A
Withdrawal to Bank AccountN/A
Deposit to Online Casino€10 – €5000
Withdrawal From Online Casino€5.00 – €30,000.00
Pay to Other Online Marchants€10,000 Max Daily
Online ChatYes
Email SupportFor security-related problems: security@visa.com
Phone SupportUnited Kingdom: 0800-89-1725, United States: 1-800-847-2911, France: 0800-90-1179, Japan: 00531-11-1555, Sweden: 020 160 4293

How to Use Visa Card at Online Casinos

How to Use Visa CardVisa Card was first introduced in the 1950s. Then named BankAmericard, it was the first banking card to gain widespread appeal. Gradually, it evolved into the financial giant known today, and thousands of consumers across the globe use Visa Card. Its convenience and ease of use became even more apparent when the internet came along, which is why virtually all online merchants allow for the usage of these cards, and this includes remote casinos.

Using your Visa card at online casinos is a straightforward process and requires nothing special on your behalf. It is quick, easy, and not much different compared to making online purchases from other retailers.

Once you have set up your casino account and are ready to make a deposit, simply head over to the cashier page. There, you will need to select the credit card option. At this point, a form will appear on the screen.

It will require you to enter your Visa details to complete the transaction. This includes the 16-digit number on the face of the card, the expiration date, your name as stated on the card, and the 3-digit CVV code on the back. Once this is done, enter the sum you wish to deposit and confirm the payment. The whole process takes less than a minute to do and you can start playing in a matter of minutes.

The withdrawal procedure is pretty much the same thing. When you are done with the online casino and wish to take out your funds, you can have them sent to your Visa card. Once again, open the cashier page and select the withdrawal options. There you will find your Visa card. Enter the amount you wish to cash out and confirm the transaction. Bear in mind that online casinos will take some time to review your playing activities and only when the staff is satisfied will the payment be sent out.

Using a Visa card is easy to do and convenient for all involved. Considering how much credit cards are used for online purchases, odds are that you have used one at some time in your life. It is the same as buying something on eBay or Amazon and if you have done this once, you already know how it all works. Additionally, the process is pretty much the same regardless of whether you happen to be using a credit or debit card.

Taxes and Fees When Using Visa Card at Online Casinos

Taxes and FeesBefore you use your Visa card to make gambling transactions, you may be wondering what the service will cost you. As it happens, Visa is one of the most cost-effective payment methods in the iGaming industry. Specifically, it costs nothing to use. Making any type of online transaction with a Visa card is free, not just at online casinos, so you will be able to deposit or withdraw your funds with ease.

Still, there are certain aspects that we need to take into consideration. For instance, the casino might levy a fee on certain transaction methods. Visa cards are rarely subjected to this, but it is something to bear in mind. If a casino charges commission for deposits or for processing your withdrawal requests, it will usually be up to 2.5%. Still, this is hardly ideal when there are so many gambling websites out there that do not do this. If you come across an online casino that charges you extra simply for making deposits, you have a plethora of alternatives at any given time. Moreover, the alternatives in question will typically be reputable websites that will be more deserving of your time and money than a casino that forces you to pay unnecessary fees.

Another thing to consider is that if you are playing on credit, you may end up paying interest. This has more to do with your bank and its rates than online casinos, however. It is something to bear in mind all the same.

Taxes and Fees When Using Visa Card at Online Casinos
Deposit FeesFree
Withdrawal FeesFree
Deposit From Card FeesN/A
Withdrawal to Card FeesN/A
Deposit From Bank Account FeesN/A
Withdrawal To Bank Account FeesN/A

Deposit and Withdrawal Timeframes When Using Visa Card at Online Casinos

Deposit and Withdrawal TimeframesOne important aspect that we always consider in a payment method is the speed of the transactions. In this regard, Visa is better than most other services out there. When you deposit with Visa, there is no downtime while you are waiting for the transaction to clear. The money will appear in your balance as soon as you confirm the payment. From this point on, you can use that money to do anything you want at the online casino. It only takes a minute from opening an account to having a full balance. As you might expect, this is excellent for those wishing to start playing and having fun as soon as possible. Moreover, it is also incredibly useful when you are in a hurry to take advantage of a time-limited bonus.

Visa cards are good for withdrawals, as well. When you are done with your gaming activities and wish to take out your money, you will likely have the option to send it to your Visa. Once you request your withdrawal, it will take some time for the money to reach your account. Specifically, anywhere between 1 and 5 business days, depending on the casino. It takes this long because casinos will typically need to verify and process your withdrawal request before it can be approved. There are various reasons behind this practice, but either way, it is mandatory at most online gambling websites nowadays.

The long wait time for withdrawals cannot be avoided and you will have to deal with it one way or another. Of course, you can opt-in for a different payment method but that is another topic entirely. Especially since most other banking solutions will also have such a processing period and, more often than not, your withdrawal will take at least a day.

Deposit and Withdrawal Timeframes When Using Visa Card at Online Casinos
Deposit TimeInstant
Withdrawal Time1-5 days
Deposit From Card TimeN/A
Withdrawal to Card TimeN/A
Deposit From Bank Account TimeN/A
Withdrawal to Bank Account TimeN/A

Advantages of Visa Card for Gambling Transactions

advantagesThe main reason to use a Visa card for gambling transactions is the convenience and the speed of the payments. Using a credit card has become almost second nature considering how many purchases we make online. Therefore, no one should have issues in topping up their online casino balance with a credit card. It only requires you to enter a few numbers and you are set, and of course, this also goes for Visa debit cards. No other payment method is this straightforward or offers the same level of convenience. A credit or debit card does not need to be set up or maintained like other services. With e-wallets, for instance, you need to go through the lengthy process of registering with the digital wallet service. You will also need to top up with your bank account often. Moreover, withdrawing and depositing funds can also be a pain, and even additional fees may be involved. In comparison, Visa payments will not force you to deal with any fees, and the processing times for withdrawal are typically reasonable.

On the other hand, Visa card payments go through instantly when funding your deposit. This allows you to immediately start placing bets and enjoying yourself. Compared to more traditional methods, which can take several business days to clear, this is great and will save you a lot of time in the long run.

What’s more, credit and debit cards, including Visa, are accepted universally. You will have a difficult time finding an online casino that does not support credit and debit card payments, seeing as the vast majority of online casinos are well aware of the number of potential players who prefer this payment method. As a result, you can use your Visa card to play anywhere online.

Advantages of Visa Card for Gambling Transactions Summary

  • Easy to use – utilising a Visa debit or credit card can be done easily. The process itself is very simple, and most online players are used to it thanks to the fact that many already use their Visa card on other online websites.
  • Instant Deposits – Depositing into your casino account will take no time at all.
  • Widespread Availability – Visa Card is available in a vast number of jurisdictions, so finding a casino, which supports this payment method, is easy.
  • No fees for deposits – you will not need to pay anything to deposit money into your casino account if you use a Visa debit or credit card.
  • Free withdrawals – more often than not, you will not be charged with anything for withdrawing.

Disadvantages of Visa Card for Gambling Transactions

disadvantagesVisa cards are great for playing online but there is a flip side to that coin. There are some drawbacks to using this payment method and it is a good idea to become familiar with them before you proceed to use it. Furthermore, if some of these do pose a problem, it will be good to prepare alternatives, i.e., be ready to move to a different casino or have another payment method at hand.

The primary disadvantage of Visa cards is how long it takes for withdrawals to clear. When you request a cash out to your Visa card, it could take anywhere between 1 and 5 business days for your transaction to clear, depending on the casino. There are services out there that are capable of handling your withdrawals much faster and for free. In fact, the alternative methods in question will often require either less than a day to process or your money will be transferred instantly.

Another point that you can make against Visa cards is that you have to submit your card information when you wish to make a payment. If you do not wish to trust the casino with this data, then you might be better off with a different payment solution that does not require you to share your data with your gambling website of choice.

Lastly, there are gambling websites out there that will have fees attached to withdrawing or depositing with Visa. In general, you will not come across such casinos often, but it is good to keep this in mind nonetheless.

Disadvantages of Visa Card for Gambling Transactions Summary

  • Lengthy withdrawal timeframes – withdrawing your funds will typically take 1 to 5 days.
  • Privacy concerns – using a Visa card means that the casino will need to have your card information.
  • Potential withdrawal and deposit fees – certain casinos will charge you for withdrawals, and it varies from website to website.

Mobile Casino Banking with Visa Card

Mobile Casino BankingThe online gambling scene is practically unrecognisable compared to how things were in the early 2000s. If players wanted to gamble on the web, they would typically need to be glued to their computers in order to do so. Thankfully, those days are long gone, and now there are numerous options for iGaming aficionados looking to visit their favourite casinos on the go.

If you prefer gaming from your mobile device rather than on a desktop computer then you will have no issues in using your Visa card to fund your activities. Visa is functional on desktop computers, as well as, on mobile devices. The process to make a payment or request a withdrawal is the same.

You simply head down to the casino’s cashier page and it is business as usual. The only difference is that you are entering your credit card information from your smartphone or tablet. You can make your transactions without issues.

Some casinos may even give you the opportunity to enter your card details by scanning your card with your device’s camera. In other words, it seems smartphones can be quite handy when it comes to managing your gambling funds online, and this will no doubt save you a couple of seconds and get your information in as quickly and effortlessly as possible. If you save your credit card details you only need to enter them once and we believe that you will have no difficulties.

Mobile Casino Banking with Visa Card
Apple PayYes
Google PayYes
Huawei PayYes

Is It Secure to Use Visa Card at Online Casinos

Is It SecureAs far as the security of your credit card details is concerned, modern online casinos have plenty of features in place to keep you and your information safe. All reputable gambling websites have some sort of encryption system in place to make sure that your information does not fall in the wrong hands. Any payment data that you enter will be encrypted immediately and this makes it unreadable to any unauthorised individuals. As a result, you can enjoy yourself knowing that your money is safe and away from potential wrongdoers.

You should only be worried about your data falling into the wrong hands if you happen to be playing at a sketchy gambling website that either does not have much of a reputation or is known to be dangerous. In general, you will not face such a problem if you are careful and only play at well-known and proven web casinos.

Another thing to take into account is that Visa itself offers several security features. Verified by Visa is a service that you can activate for even more security. It works as on the 2-Factor Authentication principle. Whenever you attempt to make a payment, a code will be sent to your phone. This code lasts a short time only and has to be entered for the transaction to go through. Since the code is only available from your device no one else will have the opportunity to use your card for their own ends.

Visa Card Security
Touch IDYes
Face IDYes
Two-factor authenticationYes

faq FAQ about Visa Cards

How often do online casinos accept Visa?

Visa and credit cards, in general, are accepted at just about every online casino out there. Considering how everyone has at least one card in their wallet it makes sense for online casinos to support this payment method. If you ever wish to take your gaming activities to a different online casino, you will have no issues in using the same card again.

What is the difference between Visa Debit and Visa Credit?

Visa Debit is a debit card which allows you to make payment with money that you already have in your bank account. On the other hand, Visa Credit is a credit card and every time you make a transaction, the bank loans you the amount. It is then expected that you will return that sum in a given time frame. Keep in mind that Visa Credit may come with interest fees.

Are credit card transactions reversible?

Chargebacks may be possible if you believe that someone misused your card. However, you need to bear in mind that if you request a chargeback on a payment to an online casino there may be consequences. For example, the casino will likely dispute the chargeback and it can take some time for the issue to be settled. Moreover, if you chargeback a casino deposit, you will be put on a list shared by operators, which will prevent you from playing at certain gambling websites.

Can I use multiple Visa cards at online casinos?

Online casinos often give customers the option to add multiple Visa cards to their account. This is done out of convenience for members. While you can make transactions using multiple cards, your withdrawals will only be processed to the card that made the respective deposit.

What currencies does Visa support?

Visa cards are available globally and as such, you can easily get one from your bank. Since it is your bank that issues the card and the card is tied to your bank account, it will use whatever your local currency is. If you wish to make transactions in a foreign currency, you will need to discuss that option with your bank.

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