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Pay By Phone Casinos

While playing casino games over the Internet, the banking methods to choose from are by the truckload. Yet, for some gambling enthusiasts handling their deposits and cashouts continues to cause headaches because of the long delays, excessive fees, and complicated procedures they need to follow. For that reason, the number of casino mavens who are looking for an alternative to some of the most common payment solutions the likes of credit/debit cards, prepaid vouchers, and bank transfers increases at a very fast rate.

Pay By Phone is a payment solution that has picked up in popularity among gambling enthusiasts, and it is exactly what it says on the tin. As it seems, what virtual players most appreciate about the banking solution is the simplicity and convenience it provides.

Pay By Phone Summary
Country AvailabilityUSA, Canada, UK, Italy, Monaco, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Netherlands, Germany
WebsiteDepends on your carrier.
Deposit From Bank AccountN/A
Withdrawal to Bank AccountN/A
Deposit to Online CasinoFree
Withdrawal From Online CasinoN/A
Pay to Other Online MarchantsFree
Online ChatYes
Email SupportDepends on your carrier.
Phone SupportDepends on your carrier.

How to Use Pay By Phone at Online Casinos

How to Use Visa CardProven to be an exceptionally straightforward way of managing their gaming bankroll even for first-timers, Pay By Phone is efficient also for virtual players who are looking to enhance the safety of their gambling-related transactions. In essence, the way in which this way of payment functions is rather straightforward as when depositing, casino mavens will have the preferred amount added to their monthly phone bill.

Of course, if you have never used this way of payment before, it would be best not to dive your head first. If gambling aficionados have already found a web-based casino that has implemented this funding solution into their cashier and they have set up an account, the next thing they need to do is to sign into it using their credentials or their username and password. To transfer funds into your gaming account, you will be prompted to visit the deposit screen where you will need to select Pay By Phone and enter the preferred amount.

As long as you would like to take part in any of the promotional deals the casino runs, this is the time when you will need to enter the coupon code. Then, virtual players will be prompted to enter their phone number so that they could receive a confirmation of the transaction. On some occasions, players might be asked to respond to the text message they have received, while in others, they will be asked to provide the code the message contained so that they could authorise the deposit.

When the payment is confirmed, players will be able to view their credit in their casino wallet. Once players have confirmed that, they will be allowed to revel in all available games to their heart’s content. Players should not forget that they will need to settle up the deposited amount with their next phone bill.

There is nothing complicated about going this route of funding your casino account, and not to mention that this payment solution makes adding funds to your bankroll a snap.

Although Pay By Phone works like a charm when players would like to get money into their account, they will be required to opt for another payment solution the casino accepts when they want to get their winnings out of their account.

Taxes and Fees when Using Pay By Phone at Online Casinos

Taxes and FeesWhat gambling enthusiasts might appreciate about Pay By Phone is that unlike some of the other banking solutions that are available out there, this way of payment is easy on the budget. Most of the time, gambling enthusiasts will not face any extra charges while utilising the payment method to carry out their gambling-related transactions.

Furthermore, gambling enthusiasts will no longer have a hard time keeping their payments under control as all their cash-ins will be grouped in one and the same bill, thus giving them a better idea of how much they have spent. Speaking of that, the bulk of the phone operators do not apply extra charges on such payments, but checking this out is certainly worthwhile before you get down to funding your account. What players should take into consideration, however, is that the number of providers that will allow them to bolster their casino account via their phone is rather limited.

When web-based casinos are concerned, gambling enthusiasts should check out to ensure that no additional costs will be applied to their deposits. Although they should not do so, there might be interactive casinos where certain fees might be passed on to players.

Taxes and Fees When Using Pay By Phone at Online Casinos
Deposit FeesFree
Withdrawal FeesN/A
Deposit From Card FeesN/A
Withdrawal to Card FeesN/A
Deposit From Bank Account FeesN/A
Withdrawal To Bank Account FeesN/A

Deposit and Withdrawal Timeframes When Using Pay By Phone at Online Casinos

Deposit and Withdrawal TimeframesOne of the things casino lovers might enjoy most about Pay By Phone is the speed at which payments are executed. As soon as they have confirmed the payment either by entering the unique code they have received or responding to the text message they were sent, the amount players have chosen will be reflected in their balance almost on the nail.

Since your money will go on your gaming wallet on the spot, you will be enabled to access the gaming suite of the casino, and start playing the games in real-money mode.

In spite of being such an alluring means of adding funds into their casino account, virtual players will need to look elsewhere for a payment method that will allow them to retrieve their winnings. Fortunately, there are various other traditional banking solutions that will give casino enthusiasts the opportunity to cash out their winnings without any hassle and with the full confidence that their funds will be removed from their gaming account with utmost safety.

As it seems, when the time to withdraw their funds comes, most virtual players tend to turn their eyes to payment solutions the likes of digital wallets and on some occasions, bank transfers. Digital wallets are the way to go if gambling enthusiasts are looking for a payment solution that allows them to take their winnings out of their gaming account and lay their hands on them within almost no time.

Deposit and Withdrawal Timeframes When Using Pay By Phone at Online Casinos
Deposit TimeInstant
Withdrawal TimeN/A
Deposit From Card TimeN/A
Withdrawal to Card TimeN/A
Deposit From Bank Account TimeN/A
Withdrawal to Bank Account TimeN/A

Advantages of Pay By Phone for Gambling Transactions

advantagesThe benefits the usage of Pay By Phone entails are abundant, which renders the banking solution one of the most useful tools virtual players have in their gambling arsenal. One of the most obvious strong points of this payment solution is the exceptionally high safety virtual players enjoy whenever they decide to upload funds into their gaming accounts. There is no denying that handling your casino-related transactions via your mobile phone is safer when compared to putting your card information to any of the web-based casinos. The added security of this banking solution results from the fact that in practice, players will not be prompted to enter any of their banking data.

Considering the fact that there are virtual casinos that do not treat their customers fairly and do not store their sensitive information properly, it makes sense that gambling enthusiasts will prefer to have their card or bank account details stored in as few places as possible.

In essence, casino lovers are not even required to possess a bank account or credit/debit card before they could opt for this way of payment. With this payment method, casino enthusiasts are presented with yet another way to play if they do not have a credit/debit card or when they simply do not feel like utilising it during their betting session.

Getting down to betting on the casino games they like will no longer be an issue if players opt for Pay By Phone due to the fact that transactions initiated via this payment solution are executed right off. Unlike some of the other banking solutions players can rely on, with Pay By Phone, there are no long hold periods, which can turn out to be rather annoying, especially if players are impatient to start betting.

Gambling aficionados who are on the lookout for a convenient way to funnel funds in their gaming account should look no further than Pay By Phone. Everything is done straight from players’ mobile phones, and the need for preparations is eliminated. With this banking solution, gambling enthusiasts are not required to create additional accounts, remember login details, and add funds to these accounts before they could use them during their gambling adventures.

Another benefit of this funding method that should not be underrated is that it is highly unlikely that virtual players will be prompted to pay extra fees while handling their transactions. Unlike some of the other payment methods the usage of which can incur hefty fees, Pay By Phone shines particularly brightly when affordability is concerned.

Overspending will no longer be a critical piece while gambling because most of the time, phone companies tend to impose limits on the amount players can use on a daily or weekly basis.

Players who have made Pay By Phone their banking solution of choice will also be able to take advantage of special promotions. More and more sportsbooks opt for creating bonuses that specifically cater to pay by phone users.

Advantages of Pay By Phone for Gambling Transactions Summary

  • Unparalleled security – by utilising Pay By Phone, there is no need to put your financial information at risk.
  • Instant deposits – there is no waiting time between initiating a deposit and the money being transferred into your casino account.
  • Free deposits – there are no fees associated with making use of Pay By Phone at your casino of choice.
  • Ease of use – Pay By Phone is one of the most simple banking solutions out there, especially when it comes to online casino websites. You do not need to go through the process of adding your bank account or credit card information, or having to always log in your e-wallet when you need to make a deposit. Instead, all you need is your phone number, and that is it.
  • Exclusive bonuses – there are casinos which offer special promotions to players who prefer Pay By Phone.
  • Self-limitation – if you are a recreational player who is worried about overspending, Pay By Phone is excellent since the limits tend to be fairly low.

Disadvantages of Pay By Phone for Gambling Transactions

disadvantagesIn spite of the fact that the usage of Pay By Phone comes with so many benefits, it still has a couple of flaws players should not turn a blind eye to. First and foremost, this banking solution might not be the best choice for high-stakes players as most of the time, the limits that are imposed on the transactions handled through it are on the lower end of the spectrum.

Availability is yet another aspect in which the banking solution lacks as currently, the number of phone providers that facilitate such kind of transactions is greatly limited. If this option is unavailable with your provider, you will need to change it or better still, opt for another funding method.

Furthermore, gambling enthusiasts will not avoid the necessity to look for an alternative payment solution when they want to cash out their winnings as cashouts cannot be executed through Pay By Phone.

As it seems, Pay By Phone is not such a widely used banking solution as the casinos that process payments through it are not that abundant. With that in mind, gambling enthusiasts might have a hard time finding an interactive casino that responds to their requirements and at the same time, has implemented Pay By Phone in its cashier.

Disadvantages of Pay By Phone for Gambling Transactions Summary

  • Withdrawal is unavailable – since you cannot utilise Pay By Phone to withdraw your funds from your casino, you will need to resort to other banking means.
  • Not suitable for high rollers – the limitations in terms of how much money you can use to gamble are quite tight. This means that Pay By Phone is not feasible for professional players or whales.
  • Limited availability – at the time of writing, relatively few casinos offer Pay By Phone as a banking solution.
  • Mobile Casino Banking with Pay By Phone

    Mobile Casino BankingSince more and more gambling enthusiasts are inclined to use their touchscreen devices while gambling, it is not that surprising that operators give their best to respond to that demand. No matter if the casino players have chosen offers dedicated apps or it offers an in-browser app, they will enjoy the same convenience and ease of the payments.

    While betting through their portable device, casino lovers will need to follow the same steps when they would like to upload funds into their accounts. As soon as they have accessed the mobile platform, casino enthusiasts will be encouraged to get into their account and navigate to its banking section. After they tap on the deposit button, players will need to settle on Pay By Phone and insert the amount they want to add to their bankroll.

    Of course, they should not overlook the limits that are placed on the least and the maximum amount gambling enthusiasts are entitled to upload to their account. We recommend double-checking the phone number you have entered before you authorise the deposit.

    After virtual players have received the SMS confirmation, and they have entered the one-time code or have responded to the text message, they will be good to go with their gambling adventures.

    Mobile Casino Banking with Pay By Phone
    Apple PayN/A
    Google PayN/A
    Huawei PayN/A

    Is It Secure to Use Pay By Phone at Online Casinos

    Is It SecurePay By Phone is a banking solution that offers security and convenience very few other payment processors can rival. Deposits initiated through it are not only quick but highly secure, which explains why it accommodates the needs of so many players.

    One of the biggest strengths of the payment method is that players will get up to speed within almost no time, and above all, they do not need to link their bank account or debit/credit card to their gaming account. In fact, they do not even need to own any of these in order to be able to carry out their cash-ins via Pay By Phone. That way, even if your casino account is compromised, none of your banking data will fall in the hands of swindlers. In the same vein, the need to unveil your card or bank account information to the casino operator will be obviated as well.

    Furthermore, gambling aficionados will need to be in front of their mobile phone in order to complete the transactions as this will be impossible without the confirmation code they will receive. The enhanced safety levels Pay By Phone provides undoubtedly makes it a banking solution that is worth circling back.

    Pay By Phone Security
    Touch IDN/A
    Face IDN/A
    Two factor authenticationYes

    faq FAQ about Pay By Phone

    How Can I Use Pay By Phone when Playing Online

    Using Pay By Phone while playing casino games over the Internet is exceptionally straightforward and above all, takes almost no time. Once players have hit the deposit button, they will need to get their heads around the cashier where all supported banking solutions are available. Next, they need to pick Pay By Phone, enter the preferred deposit amount, and provide their phone number so that they could receive the confirmation code. After the code is entered, your funds will be available for play almost on the spot.

    Can I Receive My Winnings Using Pay By Phone

    Unfortunately, Pay By Phone depositors will not be able to resort to the same banking solution when they would like to cash out their winnings. For that reason, gambling enthusiasts will be required to explore the accepted cashout methods and pick the withdrawal method they are most comfortable with.

    Are There Fees When Using Pay By Phone

    In most instances, virtual players will not end up paying any extra fees imposed on behalf of the operators. Yet, it is a good idea to make sure that this is also the case with your provider in order to avoid paying any excessive charges. The same refers to the web-based casino you intend to start playing at as although it may be a rarity, some operators might apply extra charges on such payments.

    Are Pay By Phone Depositors Eligible for Bonuses

    It is highly unlikely that virtual players who have opted for this banking solution will be denied access to any of the promotional deals casinos run. Yet, if they want to have the full confidence that they will be able to take part in the promotions they would like to, it would be best if they examine the bonus policy of the casino with a fine-tooth comb before they go for a deposit through Pay By Phone.

    What Are the Transaction Limits for Pay By Phone Deposits

    Although Pay By Phone keeps on gaining in popularity, one of the things that make many virtual players steer clear of the banking solution are its low transaction limits. Of course, players who prefer to keep their stakes rather low, Pay By Phone might be right up their alley. High-rollers, on the other hand, might be uncomfortable with the limits and find themselves compelled to pick another funding solution.

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