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Published on April 7th, 2014 | by Steve Gardman

Mississippi House Gaming Committee Sets Up Task Force To Study Online Gambling And Sports Betting

The online gambling industry and enthusiasts in the State of Mississippi are likely to see some kind of push towards legislation of online gambling in the state. While the government is likely to make a positive move it also wants to make sure and study the finer aspects prior to introducing online gambling, which is currently a controversial subject in political circles all across the US. While Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware have already some form of online gambling legislation in place, some states have adopted a wait and watch attitude while others are in favor of a complete ban.

The Mississippi Gaming Commission’s executive director Allen Godfrey expressed the commission’s intention to study various platforms that have been implemented in online betting. Godfrey said their studies would include the software used by online gambling sites and geo-location issues in order to ensure that underage gambling does not occur in any form. He has taken on the responsibility of chairman of the task force involved in collecting data on online sports betting, online poker and other forms of gambling activities. His role as chairman was recommended by Long Beach State Representative and chairman of the House Gaming Committee, Richard Bennett. Godfrey’s studies will provide an unbiased view of the pros and cons of online gambling and sports betting in the state. The Gaming Commission’s first round of studies will commence in May during the Southern Gaming Summit to be held in Biloxi, Mississippi.

Results of the commission’s studies are likely to be revealed by the end of the year. Senator Bennett reiterated that the data collection related to online gambling and sports gaming were in no way an endorsement of either form of gambling but an attempt to highlight the possibilities and pros and cons of online gambling. Information sharing among various administrations in the state is likely to help put together a comprehensive report on the online gambling industry.

According to Senator Bennett, although only online gambling was the original intent of the study it has been expanded to include all forms of sports betting on the request of several legislators from the coast and other areas. Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware are to be the focus of the study by the task force. Godfrey said the group will not make any recommendations regarding a new legislation or regulation.

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