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Becoming a Bingo Chat Moderator

Bingo!When playing online bingo you must of noticed the prominent chat feature. Being part of the online bingo community is why many people love the game so much. Its great to have all that winning, playing and fun against a backdrop of friendship. Whilst chatting away you couldn’t have failed to notice the chat moderator. For online bingo pros, some of you may have thought about what a great job this would be, after all, isn’t it just chatting to your bingo pals all day. You may, therefore, have wondered how does one go about bagging this fantastic job?

Well the first thing to remember before you even consider applying is that a bingo chat moderator is a big responsibility. It’s a serious role for anyone to undertake and not just fun and games so be sure that you want to pursue this path for the right reasons. Once you have established this is something you really want to do then you have to assess yourself to determine if you possess the right skills. The personalty traits needed for a moderator are as follows. You will obviously need online bingo knowledge and passion as well as confidence and a friendly manner. The most important trait you will need is excellent communication skills. You will need to be able to easily chat to people from all walks of life about a variety of subjects.

What about beyond the chatting? Sure this is a big part of the job but there are other responsibilities to consider. You will be the first port of call should any of the games not be working properly and you will also be the first one to get complained at if someone has a problem with their account. A chat moderator can make the difference between a popular and not so popular bingo site. So you think you have what it takes?

If you have accepted all of the above and the fact that there is more to this role than just playing free bingo then I suggest you draw an up to date CV along with a covering letter as to why you are so passionate about this role. I would then send this to all of the bingo sites that you would like to consider you for employment. I would also email them all to see if there are any vacancies available. If you never try then you will never succeed.

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