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Play online bingo on your cell phone?

When I first got a mobile phone if you had suggested that I play bingo on my cell phone I don’t imagine that I would have been too interested but now less than a decade later Tombola.co.uk is the fastest growing mobile game in the UK, this article takes a look at why that might be.

Mobile User Appeal

Mobile User AppealBingo has everything a game needs to appeal to the mobile phone user. Successful mobile phone games need to be quick casual games that you can pick up and play during a down moment, but then easily put down again when you need to do something. Bingo is just this; the thrill of watching for your numbers to come up and checking them before the next comes up, watching as your patterns form and hoping no one else forms there’s first is more exciting than many first time bingo players realise so picking it up for a game or two during that bus ride home is a great way to pass some time, games are short enough that you’ll have plenty of time to exit out when your bus stop is about to come up. Bingo has all the qualities are great mobile game needs but with the added bonus that you can actually win real money.

Cutting Edge Technology

Cutting Edge TechnologyRemember when having Snake on your phone was cutting edge? Back then phone bingo wouldn’t have been too interesting. Bingo is about social interactions the thrill of finishing before other people do and most of all the excitement of winning money. Although there were of course basic bingo games on older phones, they didn’t come close to simulating the real thing. Only now with modern smart phones that stay constantly hooked in to high speed internet does it become possible to recreate these aspects? Web browsers on phones let you play the same online bingo games that are available on the internet. This means that you are connected to chat servers with all the other players taking part in the game allowing you to share in the excitement and thrills with others. Let’s not forget that the most exciting part is of course that you stand a chance of winning real money.

Most Popular Young Women 18 to 25

Many mobile phone games are built to mimic popular computer games, however these only really appeal to a small area of society, young males that typically engage in computer games on a regular basis. However the size and hardware inside the average phone means that mobile phone games of this sort will always be over shadowed by their older brothers available on PC and games consoles. Bingo will run just as well on the latest smart phones as it will on a PC and has much wider appeal. Bingo is a game that transcends generations. Although stereotyped as being a game for the elderly Bingo is actually most popular with young women aged 18 – 25. It attracts many people who would not otherwise be interested in playing computer games.

Changing Stereotypes

Changing StereotypesWhen you think of mobile phone games it may be the likes of the Angry Birds or classics like snake that first jump to mind, but with mobile bingo growing at the speed it is, you might find more people soon turn to that when there early for their meeting.

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