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Improve Your Bingo Game Odds

Bingo is a great past time and can keep you entertained for hours on end but bingo is only a great game when you are winning. When you are not winning you can start to become stressed and bored.

I am not going to give you a magic formula that will make you win every time for the simple reason that there isn’t one. Bingo is a game based on luck and you have to think, every time you win everyone else looses. There are a few simple tips however that will improve your chances of winning.

Simply Buy More Cards

Buy More CardsThe more cards you buy per game the more of a chance you have of winning that game. This is simple maths and works based on percentages. To put it simply, the more cards you purchase the higher your percentage goes up of you winning. This means you can buy a heck of a lot more cards than you could ever mark.

Playing at Different Times

Playing at Different TimesEveryone plays online bingo on different days and times for different reasons. Someone who has a 9 – 5 job will usually play online bingo in the evenings. Someone who is a stay at home mom or works part-time will usually play online bingo through the day. Finding out at which part of the day the bingo site you are using is the emptiest will defiantly do you favours. You want to find a time that the bingo rooms are not at their fullest. The more people in a room means the more people you have to compete with; the fewer the people will give you the best odds.

Don’t Bother

Don’t BotherSome people believe that picking cards with an equal number of both high and low numbers gives you better odds because all numbers are drawn at random so there will be more odds of numbers be spread between 1 – 75 or 1 – 90 depending on what version of bingo you are playing. The numbers being drawn at random, and may appear in any order, for example they be all low numbers fist and then high. There is no real logic that predicts for every low number that gets drawn a high number will get draw next.

All Factors Combined

All Factors CombinedThe more tickets you buy compared to how many other tickets are purchased by all other players contribute to who has the better odds of picking a ticket that will win first. It only takes 1 ticket to win a game and the person with the most tickets is not guaranteed to win, it just gives them more chances of picking the winning ticket before the game.

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