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Live Bingo vs Online Bingo

Past times and hobbies have changed thanks to technology and the beloved game of Bingo is no exception. Where Bingo used to conjure up images of ladies shuffling into a bingo hall to socialise for the night, online Bingo makes me think of music, bright colours and fabulous prizes. There is no doubt that online Bingo and live Bingo are different but which one is better?

Traditional vs Online

Traditional vs OnlineWell, traditional live Bingo goers may argue that part of the whole bingo experience is socialising with friends. The game is fun and so is the thrill of the prospect of winning money but the real joy of the bingo experience comes from enjoying time with others, chatting, laughing and generally having fun. These people may feel that the rise of technology ends up atomising people and turns Bingo into a somewhat lonely experience between the individual and his or her computer. To these people I would say, you have obviously never played online! Online Bingo is an amazingly social experience. The chat features are advanced and the chat hosts are both friendly and professional. Just like other chat rooms and social networking sites you can make real friends playing Bingo and meet people that you would never otherwise had the opportunity to. This is especially true for people that have problems leaving their homes which leads me onto my next point, convenience.

Advantages of Online Bingo

Advantages of Online BingoOne of the greatest advantages that online Bingo has over live Bingo is the convenience factor. It takes time, effort and money to travel to your local bingo club whereas to play online all you need is a computer and an internet connection. You can also only play live games at allocated times whereas you can play live bingo whenever you want. Feel like a bingo game at three A.M on a Sunday? When you are playing online this is no problem, simply log on!

As well as convenience, online Bingo also offers the player more choice. Bingo halls usually just offer standard bingo games whereas bingo sites offer a range of games as well as slots and other casino games. Furthermore, with so much competition online websites are so keen to get you through the front door so to speak that they will let you play Bingo for free with free cash to try the site in the form of welcome bonuses where you can still win real money. Online Bingo also offers a much more exciting range of prizes. I regularly get promotional emails from Bingo websites which give away fabulous prizes such as holidays and gadgets as well as money.

Finally, I would argue that the last major advantage online bingo has over live bingo is less stress! If you want to go to the bathroom or make a cup of tea you can just stick the auto play option on so that you don’t miss any numbers being called out, and of course you can do all of this whilst wearing your pyjamas and slippers! Don’t get me wrong there is still a place for live Bingo in todays society but do not be afraid to give online Bingo a go and see what it has to offer for yourself!

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