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Mobile Live Dealer Casinos

Gambling is a popular leisure activity across most cultures. Nowadays, many people would associate gambling with glossy casinos and sophisticated drinks. But this pastime has a rich history that can be traced back to the ancient world. Some historians assume that gambling originates from Ancient China and Egypt. There is evidence proving that Ancient Greeks and Romans were also fond of this activity.

As time passes, technologies started to evolve at a lightning speed. Slowly but surely, gambling conquered the world, finding thousands of fans in each country. Thanks to the advanced technologies, mobile live dealer casinos appeared on the gambling scene.

The years between 2000 and 2011 were maybe the most important for the development of the gambling industry. In 2003, the premier software provider Playtech presented the first-to-market live dealer casino, opening new horizons to gambling enthusiasts. Many other software companies started to specialize in developing live casino games.

The main goal behind this trend is to bring people as close to the land-based casino experience as possible without leaving the comfort of their homes. However, the advanced gambling options have attracted a new generation of players who prefer to use portable devices for their gambling sessions.

The software suppliers recognized the need of adapting their products for hand-held devices. Now, casino enthusiasts can reach live dealer gambling content via their mobile devices regardless of the time of day or night.

Mobile Live Casino Games

Software providers took the remote gambling industry by storm with their mobile gambling apps. In that way, you can have all casinos’ live dealer products in your pocket and play whenever and wherever you wish to. Mobile live dealer games share almost the same features (if not the same) as their desktop counterparts.

Due to the stiff competition on the iGaming market, there are barely any web-based casinos that do not offer lucrative bonuses for mobile users. Needless to say, players who prefer to use the on-the-go live dealer casino services will need to meet certain wagering requirements in case they claim a bonus. More information is provided on the website of the casino in the Terms & Conditions section that is usually located at the bottom of the website.

As for the quality of the live stream, it all depends on your Internet connection. It is important to note that players should avoid public Wi-Fi hotspots, as these do not encrypt the information you provide over the Internet, and thus, they are not safe.

Dedicated Casino Apps

At the dawn of mobile casinos, enthusiasts could play their favourite games only if they download a certain app provided by the particular operator. These apps come with certain worthwhile benefits such as one-tap access to the live dealer gaming content. In other words, you do not need to use some browser to load the games, that could take some time in case your Internet connection is not very good.

In addition to that, some casino operators offer special incentives for casino devotees who prefer to play through the app. If you decide to download a casino app, you can expect a better quality of the graphics. These apps can be found in Google Play store. The easiest way to download the app of a certain live dealer casino is to do it from the website of the relevant casino.

Once you download a live dealer casino app of your choice, it takes just a few minutes to install it and access the games you would like to play. The first step is to run the program on your hand-held device and log in to your account.

Unfortunately, finding a casino app that offers live dealer games is not a picnic. What is more is that these apps consume the storage space on your phone.

Instant-Play Casinos

Nowadays, many software providers use HTML5 to create their gaming content, allowing players to reach instant play casinos via their mobile browsers. As for browsers, casino fans can choose the browser they like the most, but we would not recommend our readers to use Internet Explorer as interruptions of the video stream might occur.

When you play at instant-play casinos, you do not need to download anything, which saves some space on your hand-held device. In addition to that, you do not need to worry about possible compatible issues, which is the case with the downloadable casino apps. Another advantage of choosing the instant-play casinos over the dedicated apps is that the former offers a broader array of games.

Last but not least, the instant-play casinos offer more flexibility to players in terms of the device they use. Unlike the casino apps that restrict casino enthusiasts to play via the same device, players who prefer to wager real money at instant-play casinos can do so via different portable devices.

Even though instant-play casinos might look as easy as pie, these come with some disadvantages that you need to consider before you decide which is the best option for you. The first thing is that you need a mobile device with good parameters to ensure smooth gameplay. What is more is that it takes more time to reach the gaming content as you need to navigate through the website of the particular casino.

Available Live Games on Mobile Devices

Players should be informed that not all live dealer games are on offer at mobile casinos. In other words, software providers did not adapt their entire live dealer gaming portfolio to run on hand-held devices. This can discourage the players who made all the effort to navigate through a particular gambling website and reach its live dealer gaming catalogue only to find out that the game they wish to play is not available.

To avoid this unpleasant experience, read the lines below to learn what live dealer games are available on which mobile devices with the different software suppliers:

  • Live Blackjack – available for mobile devices that run on Android and iOS. The game have been optimized for mobile play by suppliers Evolution Gaming, Playtech, NetEnt, Lucky Streak, and Pragmatic Play;
  • Live Roulette – users of Android and iOS-run devices can play this game with all major suppliers, including Evolution Gaming, Playtech, NetEnt, Lucky Streak, and others;
  • Live Baccarat – owners of iOS- and Android-powered devices can play live baccarat with Evolution Gaming, Playtech, and Lucky Streak;
  • Live Casino Hold’em – Evolution Gaming offers this variation of house-banked poker for Android and iOS users, while Playtech offers it to users of iOS-powered devices;
  • Live 3 Card Poker – whether you are an Android or iOS user, it is only Evolution Gaming that offers this game on mobile devices;
  • Live Caribbean Stud Poker – it is on offer only with Evolution Gaming for both operating systems, including Android and iOS;
  • Live Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker – Evolution Gaming’s fans can play this variation of house-banked poker via their Android-based and iOS-powered portable devices;
  • Live Ultimate Texas Hold’em – it is offered only by Evolution Gaming for Android and iOS users;
  • Live Dream Catcher – this game show is developed by Evolution Gaming and it is accessible to portable devices powered by Android and iOS;
  • Live Spin a Win – Playtech created this live game show that can run only on Android-based portable devices;
  • Live Sic Bo – at the moment of writing this article, no software supplier is known for offering mobile live Sic Bo.

Based on the aforementioned information, we can conclude that Evolution Gaming is the software provider that offers the most gaming options for the different mobile operating systems. The premier brand is closely followed by Playtech that is the other market-leading supplier of live dealer casino games. However, mobile live casinos seem to reap the rewards of success and we expect that many other software providers will adapt a big portion of their live dealer gaming products for mobile devices.

Compatible Devices

Nowadays, almost everybody uses a smartphone, which offers many options such as Internet access and others. Technological advancements modernized almost every business sector, and the iGaming industry makes no exception to that.

In this day and age, players are able to play live dealer gambling games via their portable devices such as iPads, smartphones, and tablets. Similar to PCs, these hand-held devices use an operating system. Compatibility is an important aspect when choosing a web-based casino.

  • Android is one of the most widespread operating systems that powers many different smartphone brands. Android users can reach the live dealer gambling library of a good-enough number of web-based casinos, also called Android casinos. The operating system is owned by Google and it is constantly upgraded.
  • Assuming that you have an iPhone device, you should be informed that it functions as a computer. Hence, iPhone users can be sure that they will enjoy a flawless gambling experience. The quality of the video stream and the graphics is crystal-clear in case your Internet connection is stable enough.
  • iPads and Tablets are also compatible with different mobile casinos that offer live dealer games. Such devices offer an ultimate gambling experience. Live dealer games come with crisp graphics and high-quality sound.
  • Players can reach the live gambling content of a web-based casino via their Windows-based portable devices. As its name suggests, the operating system of these hand-held devices is inspired by the most popular operating system for computers, and more precisely Windows.
  • If your smartphone runs on a BlackBerry operating system, you can still play live dealer games via your phone. Even though BlackBerry lost a substantial portion of its popularity, it is the fifth most popular operating system. Due to the spacious screen size BlackBerry devices offer, players will enjoy an enthralling mobile gaming experience.

Pros and Cons of Mobile Gambling

Undoubtedly, playing on a PC is way more convenient due to the big screen which does not strain the eyes that much. According to players, it is easier to navigate through the website of a web-based casino when you are using your laptop or PC, instead of a mobile device. But there is one great disadvantage of playing games on the computer – PCs are bulky and heavy. In other words, you need to stay at home in order to play.

On the contrary, mobile devices offer great convenience in that aspect as players can play their favourite real-money live dealer games on the go. Even if you are waiting for the bus and you are bored, you can always take your phone or tablet and play a couple of game rounds at a table of your choice. If you are wondering if the mobile gambling experience is worth the try, we recommend you to check the lines below and compare the advantages and disadvantages of playing on hand-held devices:


  • Play on the go – mobile devices allow players to participate in various live dealer games regardless of time and place. The games are available around-the-clock, so is the support services. In case you face some troubles while playing via your mobile device, you can always get in touch with the support agents. To improve your gambling experience, make sure that you have a stable Internet connection.
  • Benefit from all available bonuses and promotions – mobile casinos offer different incentives for newcomers and patrons. Before you start playing, read the Bonus Terms & Conditions section to get information regarding the wagering requirements and the bonuses you can claim. Keep in mind that not all bonuses are applicable to live dealer games.
  • Payment options available at your fingertips – mobile casinos offer several payment options for fans that prefer to play on the go. Different e-wallets, debit/credit cards, and pre-paid cards are trusted payment methods that are on offer with many web-based gambling websites. However, mobile users should keep in mind that some payment methods might be excluded from the lists of virtual casinos for mobile players.
  • A variety of gaming products – the number of games on mobile casinos is limited but casino devotees still can find a variety of live dealer titles. The trick is to choose a live game you would like to play and look for a casino that offers it. To do so, we recommend you to use your mobile device as it will be easier for you to find out which games are available specifically for your portable device.
  • Intuitive Play – many live dealer casino enthusiasts are still reluctant to use their hand-held devices to play at web-based casinos. The reason is that they are not sure if they will be able to navigate through the mobile version of the website. But such concerns are groundless as software providers took care to develop player-friendly user interfaces that offer many different features to facilitate the gaming experience.


  • Addictive nature of the mobile live games – being so easy to access all kinds of games, it is likely to get overwhelmed by the impulse to gamble continuously despite any negative consequences. In that way, people can be easily trapped in loss chasing and hence, develop gambling addictions.
  • Limited space on the display – despite the software suppliers’ efforts to create perfect gambling products that run smoothly on any mobile device, we must say that the limited space on the display is an insurmountable obstacle for now. Many players find it quite tiring for the eyes to play live dealer games via portable devices. Moreover, some suppliers such as Evolution Gaming offer only a landscape view mode on mobile devices.
  • Slow Internet connection – when playing live dealer games via your mobile device, it is highly recommended to use the mobile data connection on your phone. Nowadays, almost all broadband deals offer unlimited data usage. The problem is that the speed of the Internet connection will most probably get slower after a certain data usage. This means that video disruptions are likely to occur.
  • Distractions – when playing on the go, there are a lot of external factors that might distract you from the game. This is not good for your gameplay as you are more likely to lose. That is why we would recommend you to find a peaceful place where you can indulge in this pastime without anyone interrupting you.

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