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Technologies in Live Dealer Casinos

Technology is responsible for changing our lifestyle and no industry remained untouched by it. It is developing at a blazing pace, pushing the iGaming industry to new heights. Since the launch of the first online gaming platform in 1996, we see the gambling industry flourishing. It is a matter of fact that technology has changed the face of the gambling industry.

Before we continue discussing the topic, it is worth undertaking one small time travel. Ten years ago, virtual casinos could offer tight gaming suites. The Internet connection was not that stable and the computers had a very limited capacity. In that sense, online gambling was not that pleasant as it is now.

From land-based casino halls, the gambling industry evolved to a level that offers mobile casino apps. Nowadays, the gambling industry is growing at an exponential rate. Casino operators are always exploring new ways to attract players and enhance service quality. To revolutionise their gaming portfolios, vendors join forces with third parties, and more precisely software providers.

Up to date, delivering realistic casino experience is the focal point of casino operators. A highly-appreciated feature of the live dealer games is their power to connect people with similar interests from all over the world. Live dealer tables are the near-perfect simulation of the land-based table games, with the only difference that players post bets from wherever they are via their smartphones, tablets, or PCs.

Live dealer tables are served and maintained by real people. But do not think that live dealer casinos need only croupiers to run the tables. Pit bosses, cameramen, and an information technology manager are also part of the live dealer casino team.

Live Dealer Casinos’ Driving Technologies

Live Dealer Casino TechnologiesTo run a live dealer casino, you will not only need people to manage the games, but also qualitaty technologies to stream directly from the tables to players’ screens. Even though running a live dealer casino is quite expensive, casino operators did not hesitate to incorporate the needed technologies and enrich their portfolio with games that bring a human touch.

Live dealer casinos arrived on the iGaming scene thanks to a complex set of technologies. For the purpose of this guide, we will provide you with comprehensive information on the matter.

Game Control Unit

Game Control UnitThe game control unit (GCU) is one of the most important technologies behind live dealer casinos. In fact, live tables would not be possible if GCU was not here. In a nutshell, this device encodes the video that is broadcasted to the players. The process is lightning quick to provide smooth gameplay. In that way, multiple players can join the same live table and experience no problems with the stream.
placed before the activation of the function.

High-Quality Web Streaming Cameras

Streaming CamerasLive dealer casinos utilize high-quality cameras to stream the live feed of the game. The first live dealer casinos to appear on the market needed to use bigger cameras as the technology could not offer more. Over the years, things have changed and now live casinos utilize at least three small cameras to allow players to watch the game from different angles.

Optical Camera Recognition

Optical Camera RecognitionOptical camera recognition (OCR) is responsible for making the game interactive. It reads the raw game’s data, such as cards, suits, numbers, and symbols, allowing players to see what cards are being dealt. The software is cross-referenced to a quick lookup database which presents the results on the screen.


Monitor imageMonitors are another crucial aspect of live dealer casinos. Needless to say, croupiers need monitors to manage the table in accordance with the players. Thanks to these monitors, dealers can keep track on who joined the table and what bets are you posting. In addition to that, dealers see your live chat messages through monitors.

Table Equipment

Table EquipmentTable equipment is the backbone of each casino game. Basically, we can divide the casino table games into card games, dice games, and the wheel-inspired roulette. When it comes to live dealer tables, a deck of cards, dice, and a wheel is far from enough. Live dealer tables are equipped with special sensors that convert results into data. In that way, casino enthusiasts can see the outcome of the game they play.

Secure Server

secure serverSome players still prefer to steer clear from virtual casinos as they do not like the idea to provide their sensitive information to some gambling website. The truth is that everybody has heard at least one story about data breaches caused by third-parties.

Casino devotees should leave aside their prejudices as all reputable live dealer casinos are using an encrypted connection. In that way, gambling sites ensure that the players’ personal data is “locked” between the casino’s server and the players’ computers. Most virtual casinos use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) cryptographic protocol.

Instant Messaging Software

Instant Messaging SoftwareWhen you play at live dealer casinos, you can interact with the croupiers and other players. Such communication is possible thanks to a chatbox. Players can send messages instantly to the dealer who will read the messages on the monitor and then respond verbally. Live chat plays an important role in live dealer casinos as it further contributes to creating an authentic casino atmosphere.

Cloud Server Storage

Cloud Server StorageThe number of casino aficionados that prefer the live dealer casino lobby is growing rapidly. For that reason, virtual casinos utilize data storage machines. However, the newer web-based casinos prefer to use a cloud-based server that enables faster data transmission.

Stable Internet Connection

Stable Internet ConnectionThe Internet is one of the greatest inventions of all time, which conquered all aspects of life. Gambling is a tech-dependent industry that could go online thanks to the Internet. In that way, this pastime became accessible to more players around the world.

Where Live Dealer Casino Games Take Place?

Live Dealer Casino GamesTo understand the essence of live dealer casinos, it is crucial to explain that casinos do not provide live table games themselves. Software providers lease their live dealer platform to casino operators.

Maybe many people are fretting over the question where such games take place since they are performed in real time. Here is the answer – live games are performed in either a casino-like studio or a brick-and-mortar gambling establishment. There are also live casino games that are broadcasted on TV.

  • Games Streamed Live from a Studio – some software companies own big land-based studios that feature authentic casino environment. These studios are specially designed for live dealer casino purposes.
  • Games Streamed Live from a Land-Based Casino – streaming live table games from a casino floor is also a common practice. Virtual players can see the other players in the casino and play with them at the same table. Live games streamed from a gambling establishment will bring the buzzing casino atmosphere straight to your home.
  • Games Streamed Live on the TV – some operators have their own TV channels to telecast live games. Players can place bets via phone or by visiting the website of the casino.

Components of the Live Casino UI

Components of the Live Casino UIBefore you start playing live dealer games, make sure that you have a basic idea about the components of the user interface (UI). Software providers invested efforts in creating easy-to-navigate UI, so casino fans do not need to waste too much time in getting familiar with the options included in the gameplay.

The UI might slightly vary between the different providers, but the basic elements remain the same. In the lines below we will cast a light on the UI components.

Main Video Stream

Main Video StreamThe main video stream is placed at the center of the interface and it occupies the biggest part of the UI. It allows players to keep a sharp eye on the table from different angles. The live games’ UI is completely customised, so casino fans have many different options to adjust the main screen, the size, and quality of the video feed in accordance with their preferences. Players can find the betting sector at the bottom of the interface.

The player-friendly interface includes also a statistics function that provides information about the winning hands from the last games. The “History” button helps players to revise their betting activity. Further information about the player’s winnings and losses is also included in this option.

Bet Countdown Timer

Bet Countdown TimerCasino devotees should be aware of the fact that there is a betting time-limit before each spin or draw. That is the reason why you can see a countdown timer attached to the game interface. In case you could not place your bet within the defined betting period, you will need to wait for the next round.

Bet Limits Panel

Bet Limits PanelIn any casino, be it online or land-based, each table features a minimum and maximum bet limits. Live dealer tables make no exception to the rule. Players can find the bet limits panel attached to the main video stream. Live dealer tables’ bet limits fluctuate sharply, so that casino fans can find the table that suits their bankroll.

Virtual Table Layout and Chip Display

Virtual Table Layout and Chip DisplayThere is also a graphic of a table, which shows the dealt cards from closer. It is placed underneath the main video stream. Below this virtual table, you can see the betting layout where you stack your chips. To place your wager, choose the chip value and just drag the chips to the table layout.

Common Functionalities in Live Casino Platforms

Common FunctionalitiesLive dealer casinos run on a complex set of technologies that involve many options. Understanding what technologies have in store for you will make your gaming experience even more entertaining.


chatboxThe chatbox is one of the most distinctive features of live dealer games. Unlike other casino games that isolate the players from each other, live games bring them together. Players will have the live chat pinned to the interface of each game they play. Players sitting at the same table can chat with each other.

Casino fans can communicate also with the dealer who is running the table by using the live chat application. The croupier will read the message and get back to you verbally.


autoplayLive dealer games combined with autoplay option equals to an enthralling gaming experience. This option is favoured by experienced players who want to save themselves the trouble to constantly place their wagers. Once you activate this option, you need to set a bet that will be placed automatically for the next rounds. Players should keep in mind that during autoplay you cannot change the bet which is placed before the activation of the function.

Favourite Bets

favourite betsAnother feature that casino fans can find while playing live dealer games is the so-called “Favourite Bets”. In the favourite bets menu, players can save several bets and place them later on rounds of their choice.

Play on the Go

Play on the GoIt is a matter of fact that modern people are glued to technology. Smartphones are an integral part of our life – we use them for almost everything. To reach out to more potential players, gambling operators started offering mobile-friendly gaming options.

Nowadays, casino enthusiasts can place wagers even on the go. Players can reach a variety of gaming products via their smartphones or tablets. The only requirement is to have a stable Internet connection and avoid using WiFi public networks. You just need to click on the casino website and load the gaming suite.

Since 2012, casino mavens can play live dealer games on their hand-held devices. Live roulette was the first game that was adapted for playing on a mobile device. It was followed by blackjack and baccarat. Similar to virtual casino games, live dealer tables run smoothly on modern portable devices.

Player-Friendly Control Panel

Player-Friendly Control PanelSpecially tailored for the convenience of casino fans, live dealer games offer a well-organised interface. Players will easily find what they are looking for. Software providers also included some useful links that provide information about games’ rules. Players are unlikely to have troubles while dealing with the user interface.

Personalised Table Options

Personalised Table OptionsIf you decide to revel in live dealer gaming, you should know that you can change the settings of the table in the way you like it. You can mute the live dealer voice if you find it distracting. Another option is to adjust the size and quality of the main stream.

Gameplay in Stages

GameplayJoining a live dealer table is not hard at all. What might challenge you is the choice of a reputable virtual casino. The iGaming industry is heavily packed with gambling vendors. We would advise players not to jump head first, but to spend some time in researching several virtual casinos. After you pick up a web-based casino, set up an account, and follow the steps described below to join the live dealer tables:

  • Find the live dealer lobby – live dealer games are usually listed under a separate section.
  • Choose a table – when choosing a live dealer table, your bankroll should have the decisive power. Even if you do not want to spend a fortune on gambling, you should not worry as live dealer tables offer various betting limits.
  • Customise the settings – adjust the sound and the volume and the video quality to your liking
  • Place a bet – to post a real-money bet you need to use the digital wagering interface. Talking about bets, do not forget that you have limited time to place your bet.
  • Enjoy the game – gambling is a highly addictive pastime. Treat the lost money as the price for your hobby. Before you start playing, set aside a certain amount of money that you are ready to lose without damaging your monthly budget.

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