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Playing Live Dealer Casino Games

Gambling is a popular hobby among people all over the world since time immemorial. Initially, this pastime was gathering friends around the table to play cards, have a nice chat, and enjoy some drinks. Even though gambling has changed significantly, its social aspect is still at the forefront.

Nowadays, there is hardly any business without a digital footprint, and gambling makes no exception to the rule. The Gaming Club was the first virtual casino that appeared on the gambling market. The website went online in the mid-90s. What is more interesting is that it still operates and nowadays it is very popular among players.

Although some people stigmatize the gambling industry due to its addictive nature, it keeps on growing at a rapid pace. Over the last years, online gambling has evolved to a sky-high level, offering games managed by real dealers in real time. As for now, live dealer casinos are the hottest trend on the market and many casino devotees are ready to quest for their first-class gaming experience with live dealer games.

Setting up Casino Account

Setting up Casino AccountMany players believe that the virtual games controlled by the random number generator (RNG) are rigged. That is the reason why software providers were searching for ways to convince players in the transparency of the casino games.

As wise people say – to see is to believe. There is nothing more convincing than seeing the action of the game right in front of your eyes. That is the driving reason behind the invention of live dealer casinos – to convince players in the fairness of the games.

If you are up to try live dealer casino games, you should register with a virtual casino that offers such games in its portfolio. Note that signing up with a casino is free and it takes just a few minutes. To set up your gaming account consider the following steps:

  • Click on the register button – after you selected a casino, load its website, and click on the sign-up button, which is on the main page. Prior to setting up an account, make sure that you read all terms and conditions of the casino and you understand them.
  • Fill in the registration form – new registrants will be required to provide some basic information such as first and last name, gender, date of birth, and e-mail. Make sure you provide a valid e-mail, as you will need it later.
  • Entering your address – newcomers will need to fill in an address details form. It includes information about your complete address, the country you are currently residing in, postal code, and phone number. In addition to that, you will be required to select a currency and a payment method. Browse the casino’s list of available options and pick up the one that is best for you.
  • Choose your username and password – select a username that you like as you will be called with it. The password should be safe and you should remember it. Do not share it with other people, as this might endanger your sensitive information.
  • Verify your gaming account – before you are allowed to gamble, you will need to verify your identity by providing certain personal documents such as proof of address, a photo of your driver’s license, or ID card. This process can differ between virtual casinos. Once you managed to verify your account, the casino operator will inform you via e-mail.

Redeeming a Casino Bonus

Redeeming a Casino BonusOnline casinos have gained notoriety for being generous. Promotional incentives for new registrants and casino patrons differ between operators. When picking up a web-based casino, keep in mind that some casinos offer better bonuses than others.

Read the Bonus Terms and Conditions

Bonus Terms and ConditionsSome live dealer casinos might offer mouth-watering welcome promotions, but do not take the bait before you check the bonus terms. The terms and conditions tied to the available promotions might seem daunting, but it is of vital importance to understand them.

There are different types of bonuses, including no-deposit bonuses, welcome bonuses, reload bonuses, loyalty gifts, and cashbacks. No matter how lucrative some incentives might look, do not forget that casinos are business units designed to make money.

A core concept tied to all kinds of bonuses offered by operators is the wagering requirement. It represents the number of times players should wager the bonus money (in some cases also the deposit) before they are allowed to withdraw any associated winnings.

How to Claim Bonus?

How to Claim BonusOnce you set up an account with some virtual live dealer casino, you will be eligible to receive a welcome bonus. After you checked all bonus terms, it is time to claim your bonus. Basically, there are two ways to request an incentive, and more precisely via live chat and upon registration.

Some live dealer casinos require players to get in touch with the support center via live chat in order to claim their welcome bonuses. Other websites allow players to redeem their bonus upon registration by clicking on the “Claim Bonus” button.

If a casino requires a code or coupon to unlock the bonus, you will find it next to the bonus on the main page of the casino.

If you do not want to mess up with ludicrous rollover requirements and a ton of complicated conditions, you can refuse the welcome package. It is important to note that you should inform the casino about your refusal from the bonuses before you start playing.

Players should keep in mind that each casino operator adopted a different policy, so the steps for redeeming bonus funds might vary.

Depositing for the First Time

Depositing for the First TimeLive dealer casino games are available only to enthusiasts who are ready to play with real money. So, if you decide to play at tables managed by real croupiers, you will need to load your gaming account with some cash.

Newbies should pay attention to the fact that bonuses might come with slightly higher minimum deposits compared to the casino’s minimum deposit that allows devotees to start playing without being able to qualify for the available promotions.

To make your first deposit, go to the casino’s virtual cashier, check the list of payment methods, and choose the one that is most convenient for you. Usually, the deposits are instant, which means that the money will appear in less than 10 minutes in your gaming account.

Select a Live Dealer Table

Select a Live Dealer TableNowadays, many casino operators have extended their portfolio with live dealer games. Players can choose between a great variety of the common table games that can be found in each brick-and-mortar casino, and more precisely roulette, baccarat, poker, and blackjack. To keep players engaged, software providers offer a wide range of variations of these games. Many web-based casinos offer also live dice games and wheel-based game shows.

Pick Up Your Favourite Game

Pick Up Your Favourite GamePeople are different and everybody has a different taste. It is the same with gamblers – some prefer to play games of skill, while others are hoping for Lady Luck to smile on them. It is important to mention that each game, more or less, depends on luck. And that is the whole idea behind gambling – to take risks.

However, some live dealer casino games feature a skill element. That is the reason why we are talking about games of chance as opposed to games of luck.

Suitable Betting Limits

Suitable Betting LimitsBefore casino lovers start playing, they should set a bankroll and play within it. Keep in mind that you might lose your entire bankroll, so we would like to advise you to separate your personal and casino finances.

If your bankroll is tight, it is better to choose a table with lower betting limits. Experienced players who are ready to wager big money can go for tables with high betting limits. Live dealer casino games offer a great variety of betting limits, so enthusiasts will not have a hard time finding the table that suits their bankroll the best.

Stick to Games with Favourable House Edges

Games with Favourable House EdgesEach casino game comes with a built-in house edge, that represents the advantage of the casino over the players. Live dealer games make no exception to that. Selecting games with lower house edges will reward you with longer playtime for your money.

You might find it helpful to know that blackjack offers the lowest house edge. When it comes to roulette, American Roulette offers the worst house edge of 5.26% compared to its European and French counterparts that come respectively with 2.7% and 1.35% house edge.

As for baccarat, the game is mostly preferred by high rollers due to its higher stakes, but the house edge can be as low as 1.01%, depending on the type of bet you place.

Poker is yet another stalwart in casino table games that is worth the attention. The most popular variations of live dealer poker are Caribbean Stud Poker and Casino Hold’em. The latter comes with a house edge of 2.16%, while Caribbean Stud Poker offers a 5.22% house edge.

Choose Native Speaking Dealers

Native Speaking DealersThe popularity of live casinos is growing at an exorbitant rate. Players from all over the world can play live games. Software providers try to cater to all players and provide them with a hassle-free gaming experience. For that reason, players can find tables manned by native speaking dealers. Apart from English which is used by any virtual live casino, players can find dealers who speak German, Norwegian, Finish, Swedish, Turkish, Russian, etc.

Side Bets

Side BetsTo add an extra pinch of excitement to your game, you can place the so-called side bets. To make it clearer, such bets are made in addition to the player’s principal bet. Such bets are not obligatory and they are placed on the occurrence or non-occurrence of an event that is not related to the outcome of the game.

Side bets are quite lucrative to players who would like to bag some extra cash. It is important to note that such side bets come with a higher house edge.

Some side bets that attract the attention of a great number of blackjack players include:

  • Perfect Pairs – as the name suggests, it is a side bet that the first two cards dealt to a player will be a pair of the same value. The payout varies between casinos, but the highest payout comes with pairs of the same colour and suit (usually 25:1). The lowest payout is for pairs of different colours and suits, which is 5:1. Players who get the same colour pair can enjoy a payout of 12:1.
  • 21+3 – a bet that the first two cards of the player combined with the dealer’s upcard will result in one of the following options: all three cards to be of the same suit (payout of 5:1); all three cards to follow consecutive order of any suit (payout of 10:1); all three cards to be of the same value but different suits (payout of 30:1); all three cards are of sequential rank and the same suit (payout of 40:1).

Live dealer poker enthusiasts can also enjoy interesting side bets, and some of them include:

  • Jumbo 7 Jackpot – Casino Hold’em Jumbo-7 is a game released by Evolution Gaming and it brags about its progressive jaw-dropping jackpot. Players who place a side bet on this variant of Texas Hold’em can take a fair share of the jackpot if they make one of the following poker hands: Straight, Flush, Full House, Four-of-a-Kind, and 5 and 6-card Straight Flush.
  • AA Side Bet – players bet on whether their first two cards combined with the first three flop cards will include a pair of Aces. The payout depends on the poker value of the five cards. The lowest payout is for Pair of aces and it amounts to 7:1. If it is your lucky day and you hit the most desired Royal Flush, you will receive a 100:1 payout.

Some side bets in live dealer baccarat include:

  • Big/ Small Side Bet – players bet on the number of cards that will be dealt to the Banker and the Player. If 2 cards are dealt per each side, then the small bet wins. It comes with a payout of 1.5:1. If the round includes 5 or 6 cards, the big side bet wins and it is paid out at 0.54:1.
  • Progressive Side Bet – as the name suggests, this side bet comes with a progressive payout that can reach sky-high levels. Players wager on the possibility for a natural 6, 7, 8, and 9 and this side bet features a minimum payout of 10:1. If both the player and the banker have an Ace with an 8 of the same suit, then you will enjoy a life-changing prize of 10,000x the value of your side bet.

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

deposit and withdrawalLive dealer casinos offer a great variety of payment methods. Generally speaking, they are all safe and quick, so players can choose which one is the most convenient for them. However, there are certain things to consider before you select a payment option, including

  • transaction speed and processing fees.Keep in mind that most casinos pay out winnings via the same payment method used by a player to make a deposit.
  • Some payment methods do not support payouts. In such case, players should inform the casino about their preferred withdrawal method.It is important to note that some payment services are specially designed for players from certain countries. In addition to that, casino enthusiasts should take into account the local legal restrictions when choosing a payment method as
  • some methods are not available for residents of some countries.Some key payment methods that live dealer casinos offer include credit and debit cards, various e-wallets, online payment services, and cryptocurrencies.

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