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Playtech Live Dealer Casinos

Playtech is a prestigious software supplier that is restless to drive forward players’ gaming experience to new heights. The company was founded all the way back in 1999 and it is currently one of the biggest software providers on the market. It produces not only virtual games, but it also specializes in creating live casino games.

The software supplier realized its full potential to grow to an exponential level. Playtech’s efforts did not remain unspotted by the industry insiders who awarded the company with various accolades on multiple occasions. The main office of the software supplier is based in the Isle of Man. Playtech got the nod to operate on regulated markets from the UK Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority.

Over the years, the company’s reputation remained untarnished and now its name became a synonym of fairness. Playtech’s audience keeps on extending at a fast pace, but that hardly surprises anyone familiar with the magnificent gaming portfolio of the company.

The company’s live dealer gaming solutions are highly-praised by casino fans all over the world due to the unsurpassed gaming experience they get while playing at the live dealer tables powered by Playtech.

The company’s live dealer studios can be found in different places across the world, including the Philippines, Romania, and Latvia. Playtech has a reason to be proud of its state-of-the-art studio in Riga, Latvia. According to Playtech’s official website, it is “the world’s largest next-generation live casino studio”.

Playtech’s Live Casinos Distinctive Features

Playtech’s Live Casinos Distinctive FeaturesThe live games’ user interface is what makes the first impression. Imagine you load a live game in your browser and all you see is a confusing and cluttered user interface. You will most probably quickly click on the “Close Window” button and never visit again the particular online casino. That is the reason why we would like to provide you with an in-depth look at the features adopted by Playtech.

To be ahead of the competition, Playtech created a pleasing-to-the-eye interface design that can be entirely adjusted according to the player’s preferences. The UI on all live tables powered by Playtech is no sweat for players even with basic computer skills. Moreover, the software supplier added a profusion of features that aim at facilitating the gaming experience.

  • History – once you click on the History button, a window will launch showing details regarding all live games you have played until now. The information is organized in 5 categories, and more precisely time, start balance, bet, win, and end balance. In that way, you can keep track of your gaming sessions.
  • Settings – this function allows players to change audio, video, and game settings. We recommend players to lower the quality of the stream in case they are playing on a device with a lower capacity or the Internet speed is not stable enough. In that way, you will avoid any unpleasant experience such as buffering or freezing of the stream.
  • Help section – this function is quite useful for newcomers who play live dealer games for the first time. If you click on the Help button, you can see detailed information regarding the rules of the games, the betting options, payouts, etc.
  • Table Limits – this is an important feature that is inherent to each live dealer table game. Avoiding betting limits is not possible. Playtech exposes its table limits at the forefront of the UI.
  • Payout Table – table limits are important, but so do the payouts. To find comprehensive information on the matter, Playtech devoted a special button that is pinned to the left side of the user interface. If you click on it, a table that consists of all the different bets (including side bets) inherent to a particular game and their payouts will pop up.
  • Statistics – this function provides you with details presented graphically about all winning results of the most recently completed rounds.
  • Autoplay Function – to activate this function, you need to join a live game of your choice and place an initial bet. On the left side of the UI, there is a button that enables this function.If you click on it, an additional panel will be launched where you need to set your loss limits, win limits, and the number of rounds you wish to play in an Autoplay mode. Players should be informed that as long as Autoplay mode is active, they cannot change their bets, but they can disable it at any time.
  • Live Chat – it is live dealer casinos’ most praised feature as it brings the social aspect of the games. In Playtech’s live games you will see the chatbox pinned to the upper right corner of the UI. Just type your message and hit “Enter”. The other players at the table and the dealer will be able to see your messages.
  • Native Speaking Dealers – Playtech works with over 500 trained dealers who speak several languages, including English, Italian, Spanish, Russian, French, and others. Hence, non-English speakers who would like to experience one enjoyable gaming session can choose a native speaking dealer table. In addition to that, casino fans can reach Playtech’s live dealer games at any time of the day as these are available 24/7.
  • Tip-the-Dealer Button – this function allows players to show appreciation to the dealer who is running the game. To tip the dealer, you just need to click on the appropriate button that is located at the upper right corner and place the amount of chips that corresponds to the amount of the tip you wish to give to the dealer.
  • Scorecards – this function is inherent to Playtech’s baccarat tables. Scorecards record the outcomes yielded by a particular shoe. When a new shoe is presented in the game, the scorecards are cleared. This representation of past round results helps players to keep track of the cards and see the trends that have been occurring. The scorecards are split into 5 roadmaps, including Bead Road, Big Road, Big Eye Road, Small Road, Cockroach Road.
  • Switch View – the action at Playtech’s live tables is captured from multiple angles by high-quality cameras that zoom in different stages from the game round. That enables players to see what is happening at the table from up-close, leaving no trace of doubt regarding the fairness of the games.
  • Mobile Compatibility – Playtech’s live games are designed in a way to meet the needs of all players. The company is aware of the fact that many players do not like the idea to be confined in their homes for hours to play their favourite live casino games. For that reason, the software provider launched all of its live games on mobile devices.

Playtech Live Dealer Portfolio

Playtech Live Dealer PortfolioPlaytech’s live gaming products are so diverse that there is something for everyone. Apart from the remarkable quality of the games powered by Playtech, players can enjoy a plethora of live casino games and their different variations that are created with special attention to every detail.

There is no gaming niche Playtech missed to cover. The software provider offers a fantastic number of live roulette, baccarat, blackjack, and house-banked poker variations. Dice games are also an option when playing on the Playtech platform.

Following the hottest trends in the iGaming industry, the company developed a Wheel of Fortune-style game show. With such a bulky gaming portfolio, we must say that Playtech is among the software providers that are responsible for the current popularity of the live casino games. Many players prefer Playtech’s live gaming products as these come with flexible table limits that suit any size of bankroll.

Playtech’s Live Blackjack

Playtech’s Live BlackjackPlaytech offers an abundance of blackjack titles. Some of the most eye-catching variations of the popular card game include Quantum Blackjack Live, All Bets Blackjack, Soiree Elite Blackjack, Unlimited Blackjack, Majority Rules Speed Blackjack, etc.

Generally speaking, the objective of Playtech’s blackjack variations is to accumulate cards that are of higher total value than the dealer’s cards, but without exceeding 21. However, some specific rules vary between different operators and it is important to be familiar with these peculiarities before you join a live blackjack table.

Specific Features

Specific FeaturesSome of the Playtech’s live blackjack tables allow up to 7 players at a time, while others accommodate an unlimited number of blackjack enthusiasts at the same time. Cards are manually shuffled and a new shoe is presented every 4 decks.

When it comes to Playtech’s live blackjack, there are a few things that players should know. The specific rules not only affect the gameplay, but also the house edge. Playtech’s live blackjack variations use 8 decks of 52 cards that are placed in a shoe, which is not the most player-friendly scenario.

Hitting split Aces and re-splitting is not allowed on the Playtech blackjack tables, which again stacks the odds in favour of the casino. However, the software supplier adopted some rules that are to the players’ advantage. Blackjack mavens are allowed to double on any 2 cards and to double after split. In addition to that blackjack pays out 3:2, which is better than having a 6:5 payout ratio.

Side Bets and Theoretical Return to Player

Side Bets and Theoretical Return to PlayerPlaytech’s live blackjack comes with a full range of side bets for a more enthralling gaming experience. Insurance is a side bet that you can place while playing at the company’s blackjack tables. It is available only if the dealer’s face-up card is an Ace. In its essence, insurance is a bet on the dealer’s hand being a blackjack. In case the dealer hits a blackjack, the bet comes with a 2:1 payout ratio.

Playtech’s blackjack fans can also benefit from the Bet Behind option that comes with a standard even-money payout ratio. Other side bets to be found at the Playtech tables include Perfect Pairs (it pays if you are dealt two of a kind) and 21+3 (it pays when you construct a poker hand from your first two cards and the dealer’s face-up card). In All Bets Blackjack, players can find some extra side bets such as Buster, Top 3, and Lucky Lucky.

The theoretical return to player (RTP) is 99.5% assuming that you play at Playtech’s standard live blackjack tables. If you decide to benefit from the available side bets, this number changes. For Pairs the RTP is set at 95.90%, while for 21+3 the RTP is pegged at 96.30%.

Playtech’s Live Roulette

Playtech’s Live RouletteRoulette is considered to be the gambling industry’s most iconic game. There is barely any casino that does not offer at least one roulette table. Playtech did not underestimate the importance of having live tables that host this game, even the opposite – roulette devotees can find a good-enough number of roulette variations. To name a few, the brand offers French Roulette, European Roulette, American Roulette, Age of Gods Roulette, Speed Roulette, and more.

The objective of the game is to predict the winning number from the wheel spin. The charm of this game stems from tons of betting options it provides. All main rules that govern the game apply to the Playtech roulette tables. However, there are some specific rules that the company adopted to facilitate the gaming experience.

Additional Specifications

Additional SpecificationsPlayers who prefer to play at the French roulette tables will be happy to hear that these offer the La Partage rule. It is quite favourable to players as it decreases the house edge, and hence, increases the winning odds of players. The rule states that players who placed a bet on Red/Black, Odd/Even, or High/Low (even-money bets) will be able to receive half of their stake back, if the ball lands in the zero-numbered compartment.

Playtech caters to all of its fans’ preferences. For that reason, the software supplier developed private roulette tables for all those players who prefer to have all the attention of the dealer for themselves.

What is considered to be one of the Playtech most remarkable live roulette variations is The Age of the Gods. The game shares common features with European Roulette, but its house edge is 5.2% (as the American variation of the game) because the wheel offers a bonus pocket. In addition to that, players might compete for a fair share of the progressive jackpot that is associated with the game.

Knowing the RTP of the game you would like to play is important as it shows the expected percentage of total wins based on the total amount of wagers you placed. The RTP for European Roulette is 97.30%. Live French Roulette is the most player-friendly with the highest RTP of 98.65%.

Playtech’s Live Baccarat

Playtech’s Live BaccaratBaccarat is yet another jewel in Playtech’s crown. The company listed a massive number of titles in its baccarat category. Some of the variations Playtech included in its live baccarat catalog include Dragon Jackpot Baccarat, Prestige Baccarat, Golden Baccarat, and others. In addition to that, the company offers dedicated tables specially designed for its Asian clientele.

The live baccarat tables powered by Playtech adopted the game’s basic rules. Long story in short, players bet on either the Banker’s or the Player’s hand and the one that gets closest to 9 wins. There is also a third betting option that is called a “Tie”. It wins when the Player’s and the Banker’s hands are of equal value.

In case the result of the total value of the cards is a double-digit number, only the last digit is counted. Another special feature of this game is that picture cards and tens are counted as 0.

Side Bets and RTP

Side Bets and RTPSome of Playtech’s baccarat variations such as Prestige Baccarat come with optional side bets, including Player/Banker/Perfect/Either Pair, Big/Small, and Egalite. Playtech offers a payout of 11:1 for Banker/Player Pair winning bets (when the opening hand of the Player or the Banker consists of cards of the same rank). Perfect Pair (a hand constructed of cards of the same value and suit) pays 25:1. Big/Small side bets (a bet on the total number of cards) are associated with a lower payout ratio, and more precisely 0.54:1 and 1.5:1, respectively.

The RTP for Playtech’s live baccarat ranges from 85.64% and 98.94% depending on the bet you place. Bets on the Banker’s hand have the highest RTP, while bets on a Tie are associated with the lowest RTP.

Playtech’s House-Banked Poker

Playtech’s House-Banked PokerHouse-banked poker games are variations of the land-based poker games that are played against other players. When playing poker at a live casino, you will pit your wits only against the dealer. Playtech offers 4 variations of live dealer poker, including Heads up Hold’em, Casino Stud Poker, Casino Hold’em, and 3 Card Brag.

Playtech’s live poker tables are streamed live from the company’s purpose-built studios. The quality of the stream is flawless. All the variations offered by Playtech have the same objective – to get a hand that is stronger than the dealer’s hand.

Further Details

Further DetailsPlaytech’s Head’s up Hold’em and Casino Hold’em are played according to the well-known basic rule – 5 community cards and 2 hands of 2 cards each. On the other hand, Casino Stud Poker and 3 Card Brag have slightly different game flow.

In Casino Stud Poker the dealer and the player(s) receive 5 cards each. The player’s cards are face-up, while 4 of the dealer’s cards are face-down. The idea is to beat the dealer’s hand. If you decide to play 3 Card Brag, you should be informed that both the player and the dealer receive just 3 cards. All of the dealer’s cards are face-down, while the player’s cards are face-up. In case the player’s hand is better, he/she wins.

Available Side Bets and RTP

Available Side Bets and RTPThe so-called Bonus Bet is available at Playtech’s live dealer poker tables. It comes with a payout that ranges from 7:1 (for Straight or Lower hands) to 100:1 (for Royal Flush). The 5+1 and Jackpot side bets are also an option at the Playtech-branded live poker tables.

All of the company’s poker variations have different RTP. Casino Hold’em Poker has the lowest RTP of 98.9%, followed by Casino Stud Poker with 98.18%. Heads Up Hold’em comes with an RTP of 97.64%. 3 Card Brag is related to an RTP of 98.00% for Ante bets, and 97.86% for Pairs Plus bets.

Playtech’s Live Sic Bo

Playtech’s Live Sic BoDice games are not among the most popular live gaming products, but Playtech does not miss them from its catalog. Two variations of Sic Bo can be found in the company’s portfolio, and more precisely Live Sic Bo and Sic Bo Deluxe.

Both variations of the game offer standard rules, but the latter also offers up to 6 random multipliers that can rocket your winnings to sky-high limits. In addition to that, Sic Bo Deluxe has a very elegant environment with a table that has the shape of a flower. The variation of the game is streamed from the company’s new studio in Riga.

Both games are played with three dice and players aim at guessing what the winning outcome of the dice roll will be. To provide completely random outcomes, the dice are placed in a special dice shaker, so the dealer does not even touch them. Different bets have different payouts that are determined by the probability related to each of them.

Playtech’s Live Game Shows

Playtech’s Live Game ShowsGame shows are the latest product that appeared at live casinos’ portfolios. As for now, only two software providers are offering such live game shows, and Playtech is one of them. Spin a Win is the title which can be found under this category. The game shares a lot of similarities with the TV game show “Wheel of Fortune”.

In a nutshell, the game host spins an enormous colourful wheel that has 53 different segments. There is a total of 6 numbers (including 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, and 40) that can be found at the different segments. Each number appears a different number of times on the wheel. In addition to that, multiplier symbols 2x and 7x mark 2 of the wheel segments. Players’ goal is to predict the winning outcome of the game.

Betting Options and RTP

Betting Options and RTPEnthusiasts can place bets on each of the numbers on the wheel. The numbers that appear more often are considered less risky, hence bets on these come with a lower payout. Playtech’s Spin a Win also offers side bets, including Odd, Even, and Multiplier. Needless to say, the different betting options come with different RTPs ranging from 90.67% (for bets on the number 40) to 97.22% (for bets on Odd numbers).

Closing Thoughts

Closing ThoughtsPlaytech is one of the best software companies on the market. Aside from its abundant gaming catalog, the software supplier brings a first-class gaming experience thanks to the unrivaled technologies it embraced. The brand partners with a great number of reputable gaming operators. It seems that Playtech-powered games are leading the charts, being among the most sought-after games.

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