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Basket Bull Video Slot Game

Basket Bull slot

The newest addition to the universe of online video slot games is the unique and slightly addictive Basket Bull game made by Real Time Gaming. As always, the developers at Real Time Gaming have outdone themselves. The crew has crossed boundaries and tied together the games of basketball and online farming to create an unusual but fun new game, which does not fail to impress in terms of the graphics or the gameplay.

The star of Basket Bull is, in fact, a bull, and he and his farm friends provide you with hours of entertainment. Farm friends, including a ram referee, a cheerleading bovine and the occasional dancing milk container, make this game very entertaining. It is also challenging, despite the cutesy farm animals, but you have the potential to win as much as $10,000. Basket Bull features all the characteristics of excellent online slot games, with a full 5 reels and a 25 level payline.

Basket Bull Slot
ProviderReal Time Gaming
Wild SymbolBasket Bull
Scatter SymbolBasketball
Highest Paying CombinationFive Basket Bull symbols
Min Bet$0.01
Max Bet$125
Max Win10,000 coin
JackpotThe major progressive jackpot starts at $1000

Slot Theme and Gaming Experience

Slot Theme and Gaming ExperienceBasket Bull is a slot themed after the popular sport basketball, but with a twist. The game features wacky and over-the-top characters that make for an excellent cast, and the game is full of light-hearted humour. Moreover, the art style takes inspiration from cartoons, and the colour palette is bright and vibrant.

The amount you wager is reliant on the number of paylines you select. Although we are happy to see this level of customization, it is generally recommended you stick with the 25 paylines the game offers. Although this will raise your minimum stake to a certain extent, it will also increase your chances of winning.

Apart from the classic slot spins you will utilise, there is a bonus that really makes one feel that they are playing a basketball game as opposed to a slot. During this mode, Basket Bull, our protagonist, will attempt to throw the ball into the hoop and the number of tries will depend on the number of scatter symbols you have managed to get. Upon each successful score, your free spins will be doubled.

Apart from interesting game modes, Basket Bull has not neglected to include features such as a turbo mode, and you also have an autoplay button at your disposal.

Last but certainly not least, the game also has a chance to reward you with progressive jackpots, and their appearance is random. The minor one starts at $100, while the major one, at $1000.

Slot Symbols and Combinations

Special SymbolsThe first set of symbols includes card values from 9 to Jack, all of which could win you your stake times 5, 15 or 100. Next, we have the Queen, the King, and the Ace. They can result in wins that are 5x, 25x, or 250x your stake depending on whether you got a 3, 4 or 5 combination, respectively. Continuing onwards, you could come across the hoop or the carton of milk, and both give will provide you with 10x, 50x, and 500x your bet.

Next up are the more interesting symbols, the ones which represent the characters. First is the Ram, who is overseeing the basketball game. He, along with all the symbols from here on, is unique in the way that just two illustrations are enough for you to win some amount of credits. In other words, two consecutive icons will leave you with your stake times 2. As for the rest of the rewards, your winnings could be 15x, 100x and 1000x your bet.

On to the Basket Bull’s rival, the English Bulldog. His grumpy expression will leave you with three times your stake, and the multipliers 25, 250 and 1250 are the rest of his rewards. The next portrait you might come across is the cheerleader. She is also special in the sense that with just two icons, you will win 5x your bet, while the highest reward she will provide you with is a 2500 multiplier.

Next we have the game’s scatter symbol, the basketball. The icon itself will reward you with 2x, 20x, or 200x your total bet depending on the number of balls that appear on the screen. In addition, it will trigger the Free Throw bonus mode.

Lastly, is the star of the court, Basket Bull. He is very generous and will help you win more money in several ways. Apart from being our protagonist, this symbol is also the most generous of them all. Five portraits spread across all paylines will leave you with a whopping 10,000x your stake. What is more, he will substitute for any other icon except for the one designated as the scatter.

Slot Bonus Game

Bonus GamesGet five bulls in a row, and you win 10,000 coins. The bull also acts as the wildcard, except for the Scatter character. The Scatter, a huge basketball, can multiply your winnings based on your bet, when it comes up in a combination of slots that score a win.

This symbol is special because if you manage to get at least three scatter symbols anywhere on the reels, you will be rewarded with a bonus mode which will automatically provide you with three free spins and a 3x multiplier. Next, Basket Bull will start attempting to score, and the number of tries is reliant on the number of scatters you had got earlier. If he manages to throw the ball into the hoop, he will double your free spins. Additionally, you will receive 96 free spins, provided Basket Bull wins all five hoop throws.

Not feeling all that lucky? Do not worry, because Basket Bull gives you an opportunity to win bonus credits with Basket Bull’s Win-Win mode. Win-Win mode allows you, the player who is yet to win anything significant, a free throw game with opportunities to win prizes as large as one hundred times your bet. Where else would you receive those kinds of odds for not scoring? Do keep in mind, however, that the Win-Win feature will be available only if you have selected all 25 paylines.

Real Time Gaming also rewards players by giving triple prizes when you play your free new slot games, which can be used later as well.

Final Words

Special FeaturesBetting in Basket Bull is as low as a penny, and you can increase your wagers up to $25, so there’s a bet that fits everyone’s budget and comfort level. With just a penny bet line, you can work your game all the way up to $2,500! Real Time Gaming, as usual, offers progressive slots jackpots that occur randomly throughout your game. If you love to roll with reckless abandon or if you are a more conservative player, jackpots are available to fit your style.

To summarise, Basket Bull is not your average slot game. It offers several exciting bonus features that go beyond just a free spin of the slot. The two complete progressive jackpots that are given randomly to players at any particular time make this game exciting and unpredictable. Check out Basket Bull video slot game, made by RTG Slots, for realistic slots fun!

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