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The Incredible Hulk Marvel Comic Video Slot

The Incredible Hulk Marvel Comic Video Slot

Marvel Comics’ widely popular story of The Incredible Hulk has been the source of inspiration for many video slot games over the years. In the current review, we are going to have a look at Playtech’s take on this extraordinary plot, which was originally launched back in 2009. It has been one of the top titles offered by the gaming company for quite a long time.

Fans of slot games are eager to join Dr Bruce Banner in his search for a cure to his unique condition caused by a catastrophic gamma-radiation accident. It causes him to transform into a giant green monster whenever he cannot keep his emotions under control.

The Incredible Hulk Video Slot is an amazing game with brilliant colours, fantastic symbols, and excellent gameplay. This is a five-reel, nine payline slot that offers gamblers a coin denomination starting at five cents per line spin and raising up to a maximum of five dollars per line bet.

The Incredible Hulk Marvel Comic Video Slot
Wild SymbolThe Incredible Hulk Logo
Scatter SymbolThe Radiation Logo
Highest Paying Combination5x symbols of the Hulk
Min Bet0.5
Max Bet250
JackpotProgressive Jackpots

Slot Theme and Gaming Experience

Slot Theme and Gaming ExperienceThe Incredible Hulk is a vividly animated video slot, which is sure to draw the attention of comic book lovers and film enthusiasts. With many characters from the original plot and slot symbols that are tied to the captivating story, this game offers a truly marvellous gaming experience.

While spinning the reels of the slot, players get to enjoy a black coordinate plane as a background. As for the sound effects, the slot features the roaring sounds of the Hulk, the smashing of cars, and helicopters hovering in the skies.

Part of the Marvel Comic series of progressive slots, which offers players three different levels of random progressive jackpots to win, makes The Incredible Hulk video slot one of Wager Works online casinos’ most played casino games. The more people play, the higher these jackpots go, and because of the ‘random’ jackpots, any player can win any of these jackpots at any time for any reason!

Slot Symbols and Combinations

Special SymbolsThis video slot machine’s symbols all represent the characters from the Incredible Hulk comic including the Hulk himself and his alter ego Dr Banner, some nuclear weapons and symbols as well as the Hulk Logo. Wild symbols, scatter icons and featured bonus rounds are all the special features found in the slot game and make The Incredible Hulk slot an incredibly fun and a very lucrative machine to play.

Once players explore the paytable of this slot game, they will notice that the lowest-paying symbols are 3, 4 or 5 green potions, which return profits of 4x, 20x or 100 the stake. Next in line are 3, 4 or 5 road signs that generate profits of 5x, 25x, and 125x the bet size.

The medium-paying range of symbols in this slot is represented by tanks and fighter aircraft. If players happen to match 3, 4 or 5 such symbols of a kind on a payline, they will bring profits of 5x, 30x and 150x the original stake.

The next two symbol combinations bring rewards to players if they manage to match 2, 3, 4 or 5 of them on a payline. As for the multipliers, they range between 2x and 500x, and respectively 2x and 1,000x the bet size.

The highest-paying symbol in this game, as slot fans most probably expect, is the one of the Hulk himself. If players are lucky enough to match from 2 to 5 symbols of the raging Hulk on a payline, they will get their original stakes multiplied from 5x to 5,000 the wagered amount.

The wild symbol in the game is represented by the Incredible Hulk Logo. This symbol will substitute for all other symbols in the game except for the ‘radiation logo’ symbol. All winning combinations that include a wild symbol are doubled!

The scatter icon in the slot game is represented by the ‘radiation logo’ and when hitting three or more such symbols in a single spin, the bonus round will be triggered. These scatter icons are also worth their own coin prizes and will multiply your wagering bet by a predetermined amount depending on how many you hit.

Slot Bonus Games

Bonus GamesNow that we have covered the symbols from this slot’s paytable, along with the wilds and scatters, we may examine the bonus features. These include the Free Spins Round, the Expanding Wilds, the Smash Bonus, ad the Multi Level Jackpot.

Free Spins Round

In the bonus round, you control the Hulk symbol and have to choose whether to attack the helicopter or tank on the screen. You have a life meter in the game which goes down every time you get hit, so be very careful and play good defence. Your job is to smash your way to the big coin prizes, as each successful hit you make gives you a bonus reward and if you make it to the ‘lab’, more prizes are awaiting you there.

Expanding Wilds

True to his nature, the smashing superhero is expected to go wild. Besides, due to the pent-up anger inside, he can become an Expanding Wild. Players are rewarded with 2 re-spins if Hulk expands on reel number 3. Should he expand on any of the other reels, players receive 1 re-spin.

The Smash Bonus

The Smash Bonus feature is triggered by landing the Smash Bonus symbol on reels 1 and 5. Players are first tasked to smash three out of seven police cars to reveal three cash prizes. The next assignment is to smash one out of three army helicopters to reveal a multiplier for the cash prizes.


A massive coin jackpot is also available to win in The Incredible Hulk video slot game and it can be won numerous times if lucky enough! To win you need to hit 5 Hulk symbols in one spin with at least one wild symbol included. The reward is 10,000 coins, and your winning prize total is determined by the coin denomination in which you were wagering at the time of the win.

Final Words

Special FeaturesBased on the themes of adventure, fantasy, and superheroes, this action-packed slot offers an excellent gaming experience, nice features, and bonus rounds that help players maximize their winnings. With anger gleaming in his piercing green eyes, and veins popping on his muscled body, the Hulk monster will lead you through this breathtaking adventure. Smash your way to great prizes and a unique gaming experience.

The Incredible Hulk video slot is a fun and exciting game in the Marvel Comic series of slot games. The random jackpots are by far the most popular feature in these slot games and make playing them well worth your time and money! Good Luck and Happy Gaming!

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