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Monoploy Slot

Monopoly Slot

Monopoly slots are very popular nowadays with casino players as they are fun, exciting and derive their themes from the world’s favorite board game. Due to the overwhelming success as a family pastime, several software providers, including IGT, have developed a few different Monopoly slot games that you can play online.

Inspired by the cherished board game, the creators of gaming content from IGT have introduced Monopoly, which is a five-reel, five-row, and 40-win line video slot. It caters to all pockets as spinners can stake as little as $0,40 and set the bet amount to $100 at the most.

The reason why players might prefer IGT’s video slot over the board game is that the creators have sprung up a surprise not only with the look and feel of the game but with its extras as well. The software provider has gone the extra mile to breathe a new life into the old pastimes, and in order to make it all the more attention-grabbing for punters, IGT has equipped Monopoly with several bonus features, including the community chest bonus, chance and mystery bonus, big wheel bonus, railroad bonus, free parking bonus, electric company bonus, and go to jail bonus.

Not to mention that Monopoly is part of IGT’s Mega Jackpot Series, meaning that while they enjoy the spinning action, players can bag one of the six jackpot prizes.

Monopoly Slot
ReelsFive reels
Lines40 fixed win lines
Wild SymbolMr Monopoly
Scatter SymbolSeveral scatter symbols, including community chest, big wheel bonus, chance and mystery symbols, and free parking symbols
Best CombinationFive wild symbols
Min Bet0,40
Max Bet100
Max Win250,000 coins

Monopoly Slot Theme and Gaming Experience

Slot Theme and Gaming ExperienceWhen they power up the game, players will not see the standard square board on which various properties are scattered but will instead be presented with a reel matrix, which is made of five reels and five rows. The game bears a classic look, but this is not to say that the colors are not vibrant or the animations are not fluid.

The reel engine is set against the background of a city, and players will see skyscrapers and various other luxuriously-looking buildings. Right behind them, spinners will see the clear blue sky. Mr Monopoly is standing on the right-hand side of the reel engine and is making a thumbs-up sign all the time.

There is also a light jazz background audio, which speeds up when players press the spin button. The background audio changes when a win occurs, and players will hear jingling sounds.

Monopoly Slot Symbols and Combinations

Special SymbolsObviously, the creators of gaming content from IGT have wanted to ensure that their video slot will be highly reminiscent of the board game, and the available symbols go to prove that. There are a total of eight regular-pay symbols, and the diamond is the most lucrative of these icons. When five diamonds appear on one of the win lines, spinners will get a payout of 100x the line bet. Mr Monopoly that is holding the game’s logo in his hands offers returns of 50x the line bet.

Players will collect the same payouts if they see Monopoly M or symbols on which the playing money of the game is shown. The low-value icons are four in total, and they include a boat, car, motorcycle, and plane. All these symbols offer payouts of 25x when five-of-a-kind is formed.

The wild icon is a symbol reel spinners should keep an eye out for because when such icons land five times on the reels, they will snatch a payout of 100x the line bet. The icon on which Mr Monopoly appears and Wild reads will only pop up on the reels in the main game and the railroad bonus. When it appears on the reels in the main game, the wild icon can be used instead of all other symbols except the big wheel scatter icon.

Monopoly Slot Bonus Games

Bonus GamesIt is not an exaggeration to say that Monopoly is a video slot that is overflowing with bonus features that all pay tribute to many people’s favorite board game. The community chest bonus is one of the base game features reel spinners will benefit from. The feature can be activated randomly, provided that the big wheel bonus is not unlocked. When the community chest bonus is unlocked, slot buffs will be asked to pick one of the three face-down cards in order to reveal what win multiplier they will benefit from. The line win multipliers can 2x, 3x, 5x, or 10x the line bet.

The chance and mystery feature is another in-reel feature players will benefit from on any spin. Each time they hit the spin button, mystery and chance icons can emerge in any position on the reels. At the end of each round, these special symbols will be replaced by randomly picked icons, including the motorcycle, plane, boat, car, Monopoly logo, Monopoly money, Monopoly M, diamond, or a wild symbol. The chance and mystery bonus game can only be activated in the main game and after players activate the railroad bonus.

In order for players to kick off the big wheel bonus, they need to get three big wheel bonus scatter symbols. When three such symbols land on the screen, slot buffs will be allowed to spin the wheel only once in order to unveil the prize they will bag. As they spin the bonus wheel, players might get an entry in the railroad bonus, free parking bonus, go to jail bonus, electronic company bonus, or a cash prize, which can be anywhere between 100x and 4,000x their line bet. The big wheel scatter symbol can only pop up on the 1st, 13th, and 25th positions on the reels.

If players unlock the railroad bonus after spinning the bonus wheel, they will get eight bonus rounds during which a special reel set-up will be used. Reel spinners should keep an eye out on the train, which will appear above the reel engine as will award win multipliers or cash prizes. The cash prizes players will be offered will range between 1x and 5x the line bet, while the win multipliers will be anywhere between 2x and 10x.

If the big wheel feature awards a free parking bonus, slot mavens will be presented with 23 cars from which they will need to pick five that can award a jackpot symbol or a cash prize. The cash prizes can range between 1x and 7x the total bet amount.

  • 1 jackpot symbol pays 10x the total bet amount
  • 2 jackpot symbols pay 20x the total bet amount
  • 3 jackpot symbols pay 40x the total bet amount
  • 4 jackpot symbols pay 100x the total bet amount
  • 5 jackpot symbols pay 400x the total bet amount

As we said earlier, during the big wheel bonus, it is also possible to land the electronic company bonus feature, which gives 10 bonus rounds. If a switch symbol pops up on the 25th position on the reels, it will turn on all lamp symbols that have appeared on the reels and will award cash prizes that range from 50x to 1,000x the line bet. The switch symbol does not award cash prizes on its own. While in the electronic company bonus, players will not benefit from wild symbols, the big wheel, and the chance and mystery bonuses. If a +2 symbol lands on the 25th position on the reels during the electronic company bonus, slot mavens will get two more bonus rounds.

Another interesting feature reel spinners will stand the chance to trigger while playing Monopoly is the go-to-jail one. Reel spinners will be allowed to roll the dice three times and will be in for different cash prizes. The awards are based on rolling doubles, and if reel spinners succeed from the first attempt, they will get a payout of 75x the total bet.

If they roll doubles on their second attempt, they will get a payout of 25x the total bet. If they roll doubles on their last attempt, their payout will be 10x the total bet. If they do not throw doubles, they will be offered a payout of 5x the total bet.

Last but not least, slot buffs will stand the chance to bag the super jackpot on any spin, which does not result in a payout.

Final Words

Special FeaturesIGT’s Monopoly is a video slot, which is based on the well-known board game that promises to bring loads of thrill and excitement to players who prefer titles that offer action-packed gameplay. Players are sure to enjoy their spinning adventure because the great mixture of bonus features makes the gameplay quite unpredictable and intriguing. Even though Monopoly is not the most visually appealing slot players will come across, it offers the opportunity to win fairly big cash prizes, which renders it a good option for their betting session.

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