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Punisher – War Zone Marvel Comic Video Slot

The Punisher War Zone Slot

The Punisher War Zone is a Playtech video slot machine that is part of the Marvel Comic series of progressive slot machines. Other Marvel Comic slots included in this series include Blade, Elektra, The Hulk, Iron Man, Iron Man 2, and one of the original Marvel Comic book characters, Daredevil.

This game is a 5-reel, 20-payline video slot that has a coin range starting at one penny and raising up to fifty cents per line bet, with a maximum coin bet of 200. This slot features wild symbols, scatter icons, a free spin feature, a bonus round game and, of course, the Marvel progressive jackpots!

The main character symbol in the video slot is Frank Castle, the Punisher, who fights crime with his weapons of choice, which are also included as symbols in the game. The Punisher War Zone has a dark and gloomy look, with a background featuring a dark grey and green colour palette, a skull logo for a scatter icon, and dangerous villains as symbols.

Punisher War Zone Marvel Comic Video Slot
Wild SymbolPunisher
Scatter SymbolPunisher Logo
Highest Paying CombinationFive Wild Symbols
Min Bet0.01 coins
Max Bet5 coins
Max Win10000
JackpotUltimate Power-850,000

Slot Theme and Gaming Experience

Slot Theme and Gaming ExperienceCreated by Gerry Conway, the Punisher is one of Marvel’s famous vigilante characters. The themes of the Punisher comics can be quite dark, and the developers of Playtech have certainly managed to capture the atmosphere of the series with the well-rendered artwork, guitar-heavy soundtrack and the chilling animations of some of the symbols.

This slot boasts 20 paylines and an interesting free spins mode packed with additional multipliers, as well as the typical wild and scatter symbols. Although the 95.03% RTP is a bit lower than what you can find at other slot machines, it is not too shabby, either.

In addition, if you try this slot, you will be given the opportunity to try and win the famous Marvel Hero Jackpots. They range from the smallest at 350 credits jackpot named Power, to the most generous, the Ultimate Power Jackpot, valued at 850,000 credits.

Slot Symbols and Combinations

Special SymbolsThe first set of symbols are traditional in design and represent card values from 9 to A. If you see three copies of a 9, 10, or J, your wager will be multiplied times 5. Four and five symbols will result in payouts 20x and 100x your bet. K’s and Q’s are the next symbols, and five of a king guarantee a more generous x150 multiplier payout. Of all card-related symbols, A will win you the most money, with 250 credits for five icons, one on each reel.

Higher value symbols are the Punisher’s iconic pair of pistols and his black gun. Five of a kind of either will leave you with your stake times 300. The next symbol is an intimidating villain armed with an axe. Three copies result in your bet times twenty, while four and five symbols will reward you with 125 and 500 credits, respectively.

The second-most generous symbol in terms of its payout is Jigsaw, a notable villain from the comic book series. Two copies result in your stake times two, while three will leave you with 25 credits. A 150x payout awaits those who see four Jigsaws on the reels, while the luckiest players will get five copies and their stake times 1,000.

The wild symbol in this slot is none other than Frank Castle himself, who not only substitutes for the rest of the icons, but gives you the chance of winning a whopping 10,000 credits. As always, this wild will not replace any of the scatters. The main scatter symbol is represented by the Punisher logo, and its payouts are multiplied by your total bet.

Finally, we have the Skull scatter, which has an x3 multiplier, and grants you five free spins, which themselves have an x2 multiplier.

Slot Bonus Game

Bonus GamesAlthough Punisher War Zone does not feature unique bonus games, what it does have to offer are lots of free spins. The “skull” icon is the most important symbol in the game and can earn you the most amount of money. When hitting three or more of these icons, you will trigger the free spin bonus round, where you are awarded five free spins, and all winnings are multiplied by two! By hitting more skulls during the free spin round, you can keep on adding extra free spins to your total. The second advantage to these skull symbols is the accumulation as you hit them, which earns you a multiplier of your original bet times 4 plus additional earnings in the featured bonus round.

Wild symbols are represented by the Punisher himself, Frank Castle. This wild symbol will substitute for all other symbols in the video slot, helping players make numerous winning combinations. If you happen to be lucky enough to hit 5 wilds in one spin, you will win the coin jackpot, which is worth 10,000 coins multiplied by your bet! The scatter icon is represented by the Punisher Logo symbol. These scatter icons are worth their own coin prizes when hitting two or more in a spin. Your winnings are multiplied by your wagering bet, starting at two scatters and earning you more money with each additional scatter hit.

Last but certainly not least, playing Punisher War Zone gives you the chance to win one of Marvel’s four progressive jackpots that can be won ranging from the smallest to the largest, depending on what you’re wagering at the time of the jackpot hit. Power, Extra Power and Super Power have values of 350, 4,400 and 28,000 credits, respectively. As for the largest of the bunch, the Ultimate Power Jackpot, it rewards 850,000 credits.

Final Words

Special FeaturesThe Punisher War Zone is a video slot that can be found at any Playtech online casino and has been a popular video slot machine since its first introduction. It may not be as exciting to play as The Fantastic Four Marvel Comic slot, or Blade, but the prizes are great, and the bonus free spins are unique. If you happen to be a fan of the Punisher, then this slot is one of the best there is when it comes to its design, and between this and the aforementioned bonus spins and chances of landing a jackpot, this slot is worth trying out.

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